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Navigating Key Challenges in Food & Beverage Manufacturing in 2024

Discover the key challenges that US food and beverage manufacturers face in 2024, including inflation, worker shortages, supply chain disruption, and more.

The US food and beverage manufacturing sector is among the largest and most critical, employing nearly 16% of all US manufacturing workers. However, as the industry ventures towards 2024, it faces a confluence of challenges that could hinder its growth trajectory. These obstacles include persistent inflation, dynamic regulatory frameworks, and a dynamic shift in consumer preferences. 

Amidst this complex landscape, food and beverage manufacturers are compelled to adopt innovative strategies to safeguard their profit margins and expand their market share. To shed light on the challenges they face and uncover potential solutions, Accruent conducted an in-depth study of US food and beverage manufacturers.

In this whitepaper, discover: 

  • The key challenges that food and beverage manufacturers face in 2024 
  • How these challenges have evolved and what the future holds 
  • Potential solutions to mitigate the impact of these challenges 

Download our whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of key challenges and potential solutions in 2024 and beyond.

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