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Accruent TMS helps hospitals and healthcare technology professionals keep their facilities, biomedical assets and equipment available and working. Many of the world's most advanced healthcare systems rely on our maintenance management software to maximize uptime, boost compliance and enhance their cybersecurity.

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We've helped ensure availability, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity at more healthcare facilities than anyone else.


Healthcare asset management is complicated, continuous and absolutely vital.

Priorities keep changing

Every day in healthcare is a challenge

Preventive maintenance is a balancing act

Needs, schedules and resourcing are continuously tested

Maintenance workforces are shrinking

Each year fewer qualified people carry the load

Cloud-based operations management for healthcare. With regulatory compliance and cybersecurity built in.

Optimize operational efficiency, gain visibility over your operations and get the most out of your resources.

Maximize Production Uptime

Identify potential issues before they occur, schedule routine activities and prioritize the work that ensures the health of critical assets.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Get industry-leading compliance capabilities focused on hospital systems, provider practices, specialty clinics, imaging centers and assisted care centers​.​

Maintain Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Streamline your processes for effective cybersecurity with advanced data security tools, integrations, standard procedures and monitoring capabilities.


Healthcare solutions from healthcare software professionals.

Your organization is unique. Rely on our experienced professionals to understand your needs and partner with you to plan, migrate, design, train and go-live in months.

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“Accruent’s TMS solution has given us the ability to bill for services and materials. With the additional revenue, we have hired many more employees, and I personally received two promotions for leading this initiative.” — System analyst at a Leading medical center in the Pacific Northwest

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