The Company

This leading medical center provides care to a diverse patient population throughout the Pacific Northwest, including rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS treatment, trauma and burn care, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, and emergency medicine. It’s also committed to teaching, research, and community service by supporting education and outreach programs for health professionals, patients, and local communities.

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TMS has given us the ability to bill for services and materials. With the additional revenue, we have hired many more employees, and I personally received two promotions for leading this initiative. We are doing very well for ourselves using Accruent’s TMS software."
System Analyst


The Challenge

Before deploying TMS, Accruent’s healthcare facility and asset computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), the medical facility was functioning as a cost center. And its preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling system didn’t align with its reporting needs. Specific challenges included:

  •     Limited reporting capabilities and the inability to capture work order data or create invoices from work orders
  •     Bearing the costs for labor hours, materials, and travel time that could have been invoiced
  •     Difficulty working with outside entities, including billing for labor hours, materials, and maintenance based on contractual agreements


The Solution

After implementing TMS, the medical center went from being viewed as a cost center to a revenue generator, to the delight of its staff. TMS gave the healthcare organization the benefits of:

  •     Creating invoices from reports and data to bill back customers
  •     Pulling data from the work orders and sending PDF invoices to the parties involved
  •     Capturing all revenue back for labor time and material costs
  •     Tracking costs through asset management reports


The Results

By using Accruent TMS, the healthcare company created clear-cut budget plans, hired more employees from all the additional revenue it took in, increased employee productivity, and enjoyed significant ROI, including an annual ROI of $865,850 and a total ROI of $5,195,100.