TMS: Healthcare CMMS Software for Maximum Flexibility

With TMS, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) designed exclusively for healthcare, you can maximize cybersecurity, create a more connected workplace and improve regulatory compliance while optimizing biomed and facility management operations.

A Modern CMMS Designed Exclusively for Healthcare

TMS helps you manage the maintenance, compliance and lifecycles necessary for highly specialized assets.

Mitigate cybersecurity risks - Main

Mitigate cybersecurity risks

Healthcare organizations and their assets are often targets for network attacks from viruses and hostile entities – attacks that can compromise sensitive patient and hospital data. A fully secure system like TMS can help your IT team know what devices are on your network, how they communicate, and other necessary information needed to keep them up-to-date and out-of-risk.

Mitigate cybersecurity risks - Main

Create a more connected workplace

If your organization is silod and your information is disconnected, you face ongoing communication concerns, inefficient processes, missing data, wasted money and lower quality of care. TMS allows you to connect various areas of your business and integrate key tools for maximum transparency and insight.

Create a more connected workplace - Main

Maintain compliance

Ensure compliance with The Joint Commission, DNV GL, OSHA and other regulatory bodies by streamlining requests, ensuring data standardization and instituting cybersecurity risk mitigation.

Maintain compliance - Main

Increase transparency

Improve visibility into work orders, asset status, asset history and more, breaking down interdepartmental silos and clarifying information needed to make informed big-picture decisions.

Increase transparency - Main

Improve financial performance

Boost operational and financial performance by increasing availability of assets, providing the data needed for accurate equipment capital plans and improving operations with smart automations.

Improve financial performance - Main

Create better patient experiences

High-quality patient care requires capital planning, budgeting, inventory management, real-time asset tracking and regulatory compliance. TMS facilitates these efforts for improved patient experiences.

Create better patient experiences - Main

TMS: A Configurable Healthcare CMMS

Maximize productivity with continually monitored, pre-defined key performance indicators.

Automate costly processes - Main

Automate costly processes

You can create drag and drop workflows and reports as well as automate your alternative equipment maintenance (AEM), service request and equipment distribution processes. TMS also automatically aligns PM completion and compliance dates with industry best practice scheduling.

Increase equipment utilization - Main

Increase equipment utilization

TMS can improve your organization’s equipment availability and utilization rates, helping alleviate asset shortages, eliminate unnecessary medical equipment purchases and stretch resource availability. This reduces friction between departments and allows for improved quality of patient care.

Streamline the user experience - Main

Streamline the user experience

Consolidate all your departments to create a unified user experience. With TMS, you can transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility, eliminate data silos, optimize work productivity and ensure compliance with ever-changing policies, laws and regulations.

What makes TMS stand out?

TMS can scale to meet the changing demands of your business.

Industry-Leading Compliance Capabilities

With The Joint Commision’s EOC and industry PM compliance standards, healthcare organizations must effectively collect information to monitor their environment and know their compliance data is completely compliant, documented, reportable and retrievable. We’ve made this easy in TMS with pre-built tools like PM and EOC fields, reports and dashboards, process logic and automation, sub procedures and ongoing training.

Fully integrated systems

Modernize your HTM operations. TMS includes out-of-the-box integrations with RTLS providers, parts vendors, product recalls and alerts, network monitoring and other business-critical systems.

Performance indicators

Monitor your team’s performance, asset metrics, PM compliance and other key performance indicators to help get the staffing you need and to forecast needed parts, materials and supplies.

Accurate digital records

Organizing your records electronically with the right tools allows you to manage the complete asset lifecycle, improve operational and financial performance, and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Internet of things (IoT) tools

TMS can integrate with IoT and sensors in your healthcare environment so you enhance patient care, improve your bottom line, avoid downtime and monitor the storage temperature of certain assets and supplies.

Full asset lifecycle management

Manage the full lifecycle of physical assets within your organization. TMS is a robust CMMS that allows for full asset lifecycle management from pre-assessment and acquisition to support and final disposition.

Automated parts procurement

Use triggers and automations to streamline your parts procurement processes, eliminate downtime and increase your standard of patient care.

Effective AEM tools

TMS’s alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) tools can provide the continuous asset monitoring, automated triggers and work order management needed to create a compliant and effective AEM program.

Advanced Reporting Functionalities

Automations, dashboards and reports – including calculations and advanced reporting features – allow organizations to track work deficiencies, increase compliance, stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities, provide enhanced asset management processes and consolidate departments. It also helps them provide the accurate, objective and defensible condition data needed to understand current conditions, prioritize budgets and secure required funding.


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