Hospital equipment planning

Data Insights: Medical Equipment Planning Made Easy

Streamline your hospital equipment planning. Data Insights uses real data from over 289 million work orders so you gain fact-based insights and smarter capital allocation. 

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A Peek Inside Data Insights

See how our medical equipment planning software can help you maximize transparency and make smart capital allocation decisions.

Device Comparison

Directly compare medical devices to make sure that you're choosing the most budget-friendly and reliable asset for your organization

Detailed Device Insights

Review in-depth device data, including reliability information, lifecycle data, device comparisons, and benchmarks

Quick Budgeting

Get key medical device asset details - like total cost and expected life - to make informed repair, replace, and capital planning decisions

Fact-Based Hospital Equipment Planning

Reliable equipment data is foundational to improving healthcare outcomes. Achieve deep visibility into equipment costs with Data Insights.


Gain unprecedented equipment insight

Data Insights dives deep into an organization’s critical clinical equipment, illuminating data  including total cost of ownership, real-world asset performance and estimated asset lifespan.


Make informed capital purchasing decisions

By providing unbiased equipment data during critical capital purchasing decision points, Data Insights can make it easier for organizations to effectively budget and lower their operating costs.

Improve maintenance processes

Improve your maintenance processes and quickly evaluate AEM decisions with information that can help you execute effective preventive maintenance, extend asset life and maximize asset ROI.

Lower costs

70% of the average healthcare organization’s budget goes into asset spend. By lowering this spend overall and maximizing equipment productivity, you can decrease one of your highest costs.

Benchmark asset costs

Data Insights aggregates asset ownership data from more than 55% of U.S. hospitals. For each model, it documents the number and timing of asset failures and average maintenance hours required.

What is Data Insights?

Data Insights shows you how reliable a piece of equipment is based on real timelines instead of anecdotal evidence.