Deliver Student-Centric Experiences with the Leading Campus Scheduling Software

On-campus scheduling, including classes, meetings, and exams, can be simplified. Accruent’s EMS campus scheduling software makes it easy to create optimized schedules designed to serve students and faculty.

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The Benefits of Campus Scheduling Software

Automate Scheduling Processes with Higher Education Scheduling Software

Traditional campus scheduling processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. EMS higher education scheduling software offers intelligent automation, making it simple to auto-assign courses based on various factors – like course size, seating layout and instructor preference – to eliminate conflicts and maximize efficiency.

Gain Complete Control with Scheduling Software for Schools

Quickly add new classes or exams or make changes to dates and times, status and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation. Create and approve bookings with user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop functionality, saving you precious time and money.

Class Scheduling Software Designed to Deliver Memorable Student and Instructor Experiences

EMS class scheduling software offers a user-friendly interface, mobile capabilities, and robust functionality that instantly and consistently provides students and staff with modern campus experiences.

Simplify Exam Scheduling with Campus Scheduling Software

Make certification and final exam scheduling a breeze with the EMS campus scheduling software optimizer tool, which makes it easy to find spaces with the right resources and capacity for your exam.

Class Scheduling Software that Helps Optimize Space Utilization

Gain a better understanding of how you are utilizing your space and where you can make improvements without having to expand existing facilities - informing budgets and boosting real estate ROI.

Higher Education Scheduling Software with Enhanced Collaboration Features

Staff and departments can easily view classroom schedules online and collaborate seamlessly with other departments to enable a paperless planning process.


Key Capabilities of Campus Scheduling Software

Conference and Event Management
Conference and Event Management

EMS campus scheduling software makes it easy to implement workflows for on-campus events with departments including catering, housekeeping, facilities, A/V, IT support, public safety and security, and more.

Course Scheduling & Optimization
Course Scheduling & Optimization

Create and test multiple course and room optimization scenarios. Schedule classrooms based on customizable attributes and preferences and save time by bulk scheduling hundreds of course sections at a time.

Automated Building Management
Automated Building Management

Ensure comfortable gathering spaces by integrating your higher education scheduling software solution with classroom systems like HVAC and sensors. 

Event Planning Integration
Event Planning Integration

Leverage powerful event management tools alongside your classroom scheduling solution to gain a complete view of the utilization of your campus spaces.

Self-Service & Shared Space Scheduling
Self-Service & Shared Space Scheduling

Integrate EMS campus scheduling software with your student information systems (SIS) to allow for reservations of workspaces on mobile devices, digital signage to indicate workspaces, and shared campus space scheduling.

Preconfigured, Data-Rich Reports
Preconfigured, Data-Rich Reports

Generate reports based on data specific to academic schedulers, including classroom seat fill, prime usage times, and back-to-back room assignments with EMS’s robust and powerful reporting features.


EMS Campus Scheduling Software Features Designed to Save You Precious Time and Money

Director of Conference and Events

Enhance student-space interactions for superior on-campus experiences, improve real estate optimization, and gain visibility into event activities.

Campus IT Director

Customize the solution to meet your specific needs and easily integrate hardware and software through an open API, including sensors and room panels.

Campus Services Manager

Simplify the booking process by eliminating manual tasks, double bookings, and communication issues with an all-in-one event planning solution.

Campus Registrars

EMS campus scheduling software easily integrates with your SIS to simplify room scheduling and eliminates scheduling challenges by enabling easy adjustments to classes and exams without the need to redo reservations. 

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