Master Multi-Site Facilities Maintenance with Accruent Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection streamlines facilities maintenance and asset management, making it easy to manage and get the most out of your assets, while saving you time and money.

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The Benefits of Accruent Maintenance Connection Facilities Management Software

Accruent Maintenance Connection is a cloud-based and on-premises CMMS/EAM facilities management software and equipment tracking software solution that offers a broad range of benefits.

Accruent Maintenance Connection Helps Facilitate Digital Transformation

Replace legacy systems with a comprehensive maintenance management solution that integrates seamlessly with many leading third-party solutions.

Facilities Maintenance Software that Reduces Unplanned Downtime

Reduce costly unplanned downtime and extend asset life with proactive maintenance strategies including preventive maintenance.

Decrease Maintenance Costs with Maintenance Connection

By eliminating unnecessary inefficiencies like reactive maintenance, poor data quality and emergency repairs, Maintenance Connection software allows you to streamline key asset management processes and reduce your operating costs.

Facilities Management Software that Streamlines Service Requests

Accelerate service requests and expedite work orders with seamless, user-friendly functionality.

Consolidate and Utilize Data with Equipment Tracking Software Features

Access historical and real-time information such as inventory, asset history, work orders and service history and use this information to improve processes and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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Key Capabilities of Accruent Maintenance Connection Facilities Management Software

Increase Asset Reliability
Increase Asset Reliability

Improve scheduling & gain asset intelligence with our comprehensive facilities management software solution.

Data-Driven Preventive Maintenance

Anticipate and proactively remedy potential issues to avoid unplanned downtime while improving asset performance and extending service life.

Records for Audit Preparedness
Stay Audit Ready

Automatically retain searchable work records, track employee compliance, and generate the audit logs needed to simplify compliance with industry, geographic and regulatory audits.

Accurate MRO Costing
Accurate MRO Costing

Gain insight into actual maintenance spend and seamlessly integrate with any ERP System on the market.

Easy Asset Management
Easy Asset Management

Decrease maintenance costs, optimize resource allocation, and avoid costly unplanned downtime.

Straightforward Migrations & Integrations
Straightforward Migrations & Integrations

Our RESTful APIs and straightforward migrations help facilitate automation and ensure that your data is comprehensive, up-to-date and actionable.

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Trusted Across 75+ Countries 

For more than 30 years, Maintenance Connection has helped thousands of customers manage their assets and facilities.

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