Easy-to-Use Multi-Site, Multi-Industry EAM Maintenance Software

Easily Manage All Your Assets with Best-in-Class Enterprise Asset Management Software

Gain control and visibility over your assets. Streamline your maintenance workflows. Automatically schedule maintenance tasks. Effortlessly track KPIs and leverage asset data to optimize your budgets and reduce costly downtime.

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The Benefits of Accruent’s Enterprise Asset Management Software

Accruent's cloud-based and on-premises Enterprise Asset Management Software makes it simple to optimize facility and asset maintenance processes.

Facilitate Digital Transformation with EAM CMMS

Replace legacy systems with a comprehensive EAM CMMS solution that integrates seamlessly with many leading third-party solutions.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime with EAM Software

Accruent’s EAM software helps reduce costly unplanned downtime and extend asset life.

Decrease Maintenance Costs with an EAM System

An EAM system makes it easy to replace inefficient processes like reactive maintenance, poor data quality, and emergency repairs with streamlined asset management, saving you time and money.

EAM Software Accelerates Service Requests

Expedite service requests and work orders with an intuitive, user-friendly, and streamlined EAM software solution.

Easily Collect and Utilize Data with EAM CMMS

Gain insights based on historical and real-time information such as inventory, asset history, work orders, and service history to make informed decisions.


The Key Capabilities of Accruent's Enterprise Asset Management Software

Easy Asset Management 
Easy Asset Management

User-friendly and flexible asset management features make it easy to manage your assets, whether you have a dozen or millions.  

Straightforward Migrations & Integrations 
Straightforward Migrations & Integrations

RESTful APIs and straightforward migrations help facilitate automation and provide a single source of truth with comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable data.

Accurate Maintenance Spend Insights 
Accurate Maintenance Spend Insights

Gain insights into your actual maintenance spend and easily integrate Accruent’s Enterprise Asset Management Software with any ERP System on the market.

Data-Driven Preventive Maintenance 
Data-Driven Preventive Maintenance

Anticipate and proactively remedy potential issues to avoid costly unplanned downtime while improving asset performance and extending service life. 

Records for Audit Preparedness 
Stay Audit Ready

Automatically retain searchable work records, track employee compliance, and generate the audit logs needed to simplify compliance with any audit requirements.

Trusted Across 75+ Countries

For more than 30 years, Maintenance Connection has helped thousands of customers manage their assets and facilities.

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