Take Back Control of Your Data and Documents with Meridian Software

Streamline your document management processes, provide centralized access to the most up-to-date information, improve collaboration, save time, reduce risks, and lower your costs.

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The Benefits of Accruent Meridian Engineering Document Management System

Accruent’s industry-leading Meridian document management software is a powerful solution that helps organizations to easily access, share, and secure information by replacing outdated processes with customizable workflows and automation.

Meridian Document Management Provides a Single Source of Truth from Anywhere

Provide instant access to complete, accurate, and the most up-to-date documents, drawings, and data. Build trust, increase productivity, save time, and boost efficiencies while reducing costs, unplanned downtime, and accidents.

Engineering Document Control Software that Puts You Back in Control

Meridian maintains the integrity of engineering data throughout the asset lifecycle and offers a comprehensive CAD software agnostic solution for engineering drawings management, by creating a single source of truth for all engineering information with version control management. 

Meridian Document Management Helps Breakdown Information Silos Between Departments

Over 350,000 maintenance, operations, and engineering professionals use Meridian’s robust drawing management capabilities to keep their asset documentation up to date. The solution ensures that data is easily accessible by the right people while maximizing staff productivity and supporting personnel safety.

Meridian Software Helps Power up Project Management with Easy Contractor Collaboration

Streamline the exchange of engineering documentation with external contractors and reduce the hidden costs of incomplete data at handover through a document tracking system that identifies and fixes data inconsistencies before they can become potential issues to mission-critical engineering information.


Key Capabilities of Accruent Meridian Engineering Document Management System

Controlled Digital Workflows and Audit Trails
Controlled Digital Workflows and Audit Trails

Improve compliance and take control of unwieldy asset documentation and change management projects with powerful engineering document management system features such as automated workflows, print stamps and watermarks, status updates, electronic signatures, and more.

Secure Sharing with Systems and People
Secure Sharing with Systems and People

Collaborate with ease on the latest document version with EPCs, maintenance, project, and engineering team members utilizing secure, automated information exchanges and transmittals, redlining, comments, and easy document handover, and robust APIs with CAD, ERP, ECM, CMMS/EAM tools to get the right information flows between vital business systems.

A Single Centralized Document Repository
A Single Centralized Document Repository

Tap into one single source of truth for all your engineering information with the Accruent Meridian engineering drawing management system. Leverage user-friendly features including a centralized vault and repository that can house a broad range of documents including drawings and metadata, 2-D and 3-D CAD files, operation and maintenance procedures, and more.

Concurrent Engineering

Easily track parallel changes in simultaneous projects, make updates on one document that will automatically render in all other affected projects, and automatically notify project team members of documentation revisions.

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