Execute Module: An Add-On Move Management Tool

Ready to implement real estate changes? Simplify the approval and execution process with the Execute add-on module.

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Get an overview of this comprehensive CRE solution, dive into our base Analyze module, or explore the Plan add-on. 

Software Overview

Explore how our three-module corporate real estate (CRE) software can help you take control of your space utilization and CRE footprint with purpose-built analytics, forecasting, and move management.

The Analyze Module

Eliminate siloes and demystify your most important real-time metrics like lease & maintenance costs, space utilization, and headcount – using Analyze’s integrated, comprehensive dashboards.

The Plan Module

Use the Plan module’s digital environment to evaluate future needs, make virtual changes, and review their impact before you implement new strategies in the real-world.

We’ll handle the project management.

Align key stakeholders, automate approvals, and track projects every step of the way.

Make sure stakeholders are aligned

Stop using email to make sure stakeholders are aligned and that requests are approved. Instead, digitize the process and automate your workflows to make sure it all gets done behind the scenes.

Streamline the approval process

View, at a glance, what requests have been approved, which ones are pending, and which stakeholder a request is currently with.

Track move management activities

When the time comes to make real-world changes, you can track assets, people, and stay on top of key metrics like budget, actual costs, and timelines.

Cut down drastically on implementation timelines and costs

By automating and streamlining the approval and execution processes, you ultimately save money, save time, and fast-track your real estate optimizations.

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