Accruent Space Intelligence: An Integrated Space Management Solution That Delivers

Optimize space utilization, control costs, eliminate redundant systems, and create a delightful workplace with our comprehensive space management software


A Look Under the Hood

Take control of your space utilization and real estate footprint with purpose-built analytics, forecasting, and scenario planning

Analyze Module: The Base Platform

It all starts with Analyze, a “single pane of glass” analytics tool that will distill your utilization data and reveal comprehensive insights, helping your team understand your current state and come up with an effective course of action.  

Plan Module: An Add-On Forecasting Platform

If you’re interested in forecasting and scenario planning, the Plan module offers a virtual testing ground that’ll allow you to restack departments, compare scenarios, and more  

A Look Inside Our Three-Module Software

Take the Software for a Spin

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Integrates with

Why Invest in an Integrated Space Management Solution?

The power of having a centralized, data-driven understanding of your real estate portfolio  

Data Aggregation

Experience seamless, automated data aggregation from utilization, lease, badge, and CMMS data

Comprehensive Insights

We provide the insights to help you make data-driven real estate decisions

Strategic Space Planning

Streamline space scenario planning in one centralized, collaborative tool

A Better Experience

Improve employee, customer, and/or student experience by optimizing your utilized space

Learn More About Each Module

Get more details about how this space optimization software can help your organization save time, consolidate software, and simplify your real estate insights


Analyze Module

Track, manage, and analyze your global commercial real estate portfolio


Plan Module

Test your real estate plans and evaluate their efficacy before you implement.  

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