Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Top CMMS Software for Optimized Maintenance

Accruent's cloud-based and on-prem CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system) optimizes facility maintenance and asset maintenance activity ― helping you automate work orders, increase equipment reliability, streamline maintenance tasks, lower costs, improve inventory accuracy and maintain industry-specific regulatory compliance.

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How CMMS Software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Improves Your Maintenance Operation

Use a computerized maintenance management system to optimize, analyze, manage and track your assets through all stages of the asset lifecycle — to save time, streamline maintenance tasks, improve maintenance care, lower maintenance cost, and more.

Replace Disparate Systems

Replace disconnected legacy systems – like physical work orders, Word documents and Excel sheets – to increase transparency and effectively handle work order, supply, and asset management. Maintenance management software centralizes key data.

Increase Operational Efficiency with CMMS Software

Reduce recurring pain points like unexpected downtime, unavailable inventory and siloed data to increase operational efficiency, maximize uptime and make sure you get the most actionable insight for your maintenance team.

Create a More Data-Driven Organization

By making sure that all your data – including work orders, billing and invoicing, reporting, inventory and enterprise asset management information – is centralized and accurate across sites and devices, the right CMMS system can help you make informed decisions.

Simplify Work Order Management

Submit, manage, update and track your work orders (and all related data) from anywhere, at any time to increase uptime, prepare your team for audits and ultimately streamline your preventive maintenance practices.

Key Capabilities of CMMS Software

Advanced CMMS platform functionalities can increase accountability, maximize productivity and reduce crucial communication gaps in your business.

True Mobile Capabilities

Native and intuitive mobile capabilities using a tool like MC Kinetic ensure that technicians and other key personnel can work offline and easily retrieve relevant information directly at their point of need. Helpful features like offline capabilities, geo-location mapping, and simplified inventory management also allow users to:  

  • Maximize efficiency internally and across sites  
  • Implement mobile work order management
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere connectivity  
  • Eliminate siloes between departments and teams  
  • Avoid connectivity loss  
  • Increase CMMS system adoption  
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Straightforward Migrations and Integrations

If your CMMS system seamlessly connects with your other mission-critical systems, your team can effectively gather, analyze and utilize the right data. Our RESTful APIs and straightforward migrations help make this happen and ensure that your data is comprehensive, up-to-date and actionable.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Configurable reports and analytics dashboards allow maintenance professionals to extract meaningful data needed to:  

  • Pinpoint preventive maintenance tasks and needs  
  • Manage KPIs  
  • Optimize processes and performance  
  • Track predictive maintenance activity
Industrial CMMS software for work order management
Records for Audit Preparedness

The right tool will help you keep searchable maintenance schedule work records, track employee compliance and generate the audit logs needed to simplify compliance with industry, geographic and regulatory audits.

Maintenance managers using CMMS software to streamline equipment maintenance

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