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Accruent's cloud-based and on-prem CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system) optimizes facility maintenance and asset maintenance activity ― helping you automate work orders, increase equipment reliability, streamline maintenance tasks, lower costs, improve inventory accuracy and maintain industry-specific regulatory compliance.

Optimizing Asset Lifecycle Management with Advanced CMMS Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your assets with our advanced CMMS solutions, designed to streamline and enhance the management of asset lifecycles. Whether in manufacturing precision, healthcare reliability, or the dynamic environments of retail and education, our CMMS adapts to your unique operational needs. Experience improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and extended asset longevity, all while maintaining the highest standards of industry compliance.

Increased Reliability with CMMS Precision in Manufacturing

Implementing a CMMS dramatically boosts asset reliability by enabling predictive maintenance and minimizing unexpected breakdowns. This strategic approach not only extends the lifespan of key assets but also ensures consistent production with reduced downtime.

Automated Work Order Scheduling

Harnessing the power of CMMS, manufacturers can automate the scheduling of work orders, aligning maintenance tasks with production cycles for optimal efficiency. This automation not only enhances workflow coordination but also significantly reduces the likelihood of machine downtime due to maintenance oversights or scheduling conflicts.

Healthcare Compliance Simplified

Our healthcare CMMS is viewed as the market leader by ensuring effortless adherence to The Joint Commission's EOC and PM standards, providing comprehensive tools for seamless data documentation, reporting, and retrieval through entire asset management process.

Smart Capital Planning, Stronger Financial Performance

Elevate financial performance by maximizing asset availability, offering precise data for strategic equipment capital planning and purchasing, and finally enhancing operations with intelligent automation.

CMMS + Powerful Space Management

It enhances strategic space utilization, automates assignments, identifies bottlenecks, monitors occupancy, and accelerates reporting for facilities managers.

Mobile Efficiency Enhanced for Retail and Education

Boost employee efficiency with FAMIS 360's mobile app, automating work orders, performing inspections and maintenance for optimal on-site task management and operational readiness.

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How does CMMS software automate workflows?

CMMS software aligns all team members by allowing them to easily assign, schedule, and process work orders into the system with ease.

Streamline the entire work order lifecycle from initiation to completion, improving efficiency and reducing downtime. Real time tracking and updates allows managers and supervisors the ability to monitor the status of work orders and track technician progress.

Pipelines can be set up in advance, allowing new customers to get added at the start of the workflow and be easily tracked throughout the purchase process.

How does CMMS software streamline maintenance tasks?

Tasks are streamlined by providing a central repository of documents and information where users can easily refer.

See asset details for every customer, analyze work orders, and reference historical data when needed. Do not waste time trying to locate customer data when it is not easily accessible.

Mobile accessibility is another key bonus, giving disparate teams the ability to access information on the go.

Is SAP and CMMS software the same thing?

No, SAP systems and CMMS software are not the same thing. SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is tasked with organization-wide duties like supply chain management, financial calculations, and customer relationship management.

CMMS software is associated with improving maintenance management, from preventative maintenance scheduling to inventory management and more.

Organizations who already rely on an SAP system might seek a CMMS to complement their existing workflows.

How do CMMS and EAM differ?

Both solutions are valuable for streamlining the maintenance process, but they differ slightly in terms of scope and use case.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software focuses on the entire lifecycle management of physical assets, from the acquisition phase through disposal. EAMs may include asset tracking, depreciation management, capital planning, and compliance management.

CMMS software deals more specifically with day-to-day maintenance management, supporting equipment uptime and improving equipment operations.

What is the most unique and powerful feature of Accruent’s CMMS software?

The ability to centralize maintenance management into one place, allowing team members to access data from separate locations at a moment’s notice.

By organizing key data into a central software solution, companies can ensure more productivity and less downtime. Preventative tasks like equipment audits can be scheduled quickly and easily.

This is especially lucrative for high-pressure industries like healthcare, where equipment health cannot be compromised.