Best Lease Administration Software 2023

Managing leasing for real estate and equipment involves many complex scenarios. Accruent's lease administration software does the heavy lifting for you, helping you manage dates, analyze rent costs, and seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions.

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Make Informed Lease Decisions

Provide transparency into your entire lease portfolio for better decision making.

Full-service lease administration

Manage complex real estate portfolio and lease management scenarios, as well as equipment leases at every stage of the lease lifecycle.

Cost controls

Stop overpaying your landlords by reducing the risk of missing renewal and expiration dates, finding a clause in your lease that saves money, and conducting accurate year-reconciliations.

Growth and capital allocations

Identify underperforming assets, analyze lease vs. buy options, and take advantage of lease terms and conditions.

Stronger negotiations

Having lease cost data at your fingertips, including rental rates, term lengths, and tenant improvement allowances, means you can better set the market rate for a renewal or new opportunity.

A Fully Configurable Lease Management System

Accruent's lease management software solutions are flexible enough to work and scale in your specific sector ― retail, corporate, healthcare, telecom, public sector, and more. Lx Contracts is a full-service lease administration and lease accounting software solution.

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Data management, reporting, and tracking capabilities

Avoid the need for multiple systems or manual reporting with robust reporting and analytics. Lease abstraction provides data for financial reporting requirements, with results verified by a third-party independent accounting firm for accuracy.

  • Key date alerts and reporting
  • Amendment tracking
  • Unlimited subtenants
  • Center detail tracking
  • Security & authentication management
  • Covenant tracking
  • Co-tenancy tracking
  • Lease Analytics
  • Report builders
Product screenshot of Lx Contracts lease administration software as part of an integrated workplace management system
Operational and management improvements

Accruent’s easy-to-use lease management and lease accounting software solutions include features like clickable lease abstracts, configurable dashboards, mobile access on smartphones and tablets, and full internationalization for greater operational efficiency.

  • Maintenance task info management
  • Insurance certifications access
  • Security deposit management
  • Workflow builders
  • Equipment lease management
  • Franchise management
  • License management
  • Document management
Product screenshot of Lucernex lease administration software and lease management software integrated with lease accounting software for better compliance
Comprehensive integrations

Using REST API and flat file secure transfers, you can integrate Accruent’s lease administration software with other mission-critical systems. This can allow for big-picture insight and ensure you have all the data you need to facilitate compliance.  

  • ERPs like Oracle and SAP
  • Accounting systems
  • CRMs  
  • BI tools
  • Financial management systems
  • Human capital management systems
  • CMMS or FM solutions


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