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Managing leasing for real estate and equipment involves many complex scenarios. Accruent's lease administration software does the heavy lifting for you, helping you manage dates, analyze rent costs, and seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions.

Make Informed Lease Decisions

Provide transparency into your entire lease portfolio for better decision making.

Full-service lease administration

Manage complex real estate portfolio and lease management scenarios, as well as equipment leases at every stage of the lease lifecycle.

Cost controls

Stop overpaying your landlords by reducing the risk of missing renewal and expiration dates, finding a clause in your lease that saves money, and conducting accurate year-reconciliations.

Growth and capital allocations

Identify underperforming assets, analyze lease vs. buy options, and take advantage of lease terms and conditions.

Stronger negotiations

Having lease cost data at your fingertips, including rental rates, term lengths, and tenant improvement allowances, means you can better set the market rate for a renewal or new opportunity.

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What are the top features of lease administration software?

Organizations rely on Lx Contracts for a full suite of lease management solutions, with all lease data in one place to track expiration dates, renewal dates, increases, compliance and reporting. 

This helps with navigating the most complex real estate portfolios and tricky lease management scenarios across the portfolio.


Can lease management software handle both property and equipment leases?

Yes, Accruent’s Lx Contracts toolset allows companies to manage all types of leases including both property and equipment leases. Its functionalities cater to the specific requirements of each lease type. 

Whether it is a retail company leasing warehouse equipment or a large portfolio of corporate property leases, organizations can easily manage the entire process with ease.