Desk and Room Booking Software

Enable your teams to seamlessly find and book the spaces they need using our flexible, enterprise-level desk and room booking software.

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Desk and Room Scheduling Made Easy

Streamline self-service desk and room booking, mitigate scheduling conflicts, adapt to workplace changes, and improving space use and compliance

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Simplify Room Booking

Easily reserve, modify, or cancel desk and room bookings whenever you want from your computer, phone, tablet, or kiosks -- all intgrated with your calendar solution.

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Enable Thoughtful Collaboration

Foster innovation and collaboration by sitting in designated neighborhoods or allowing flexible self-service based on space type, equipment, nearby amenities, and more.

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Streamline Hybrid Work

Give your hybrid, remote, and in-person employees easy access to the spaces and equipment they need to work and collaborate efficiently.

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Work With Your Existing Tech Stack

Working with a SIS, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Zoom, Skype, or other popular apps and systems? EMS integrates with all your favorites in a single, flexible interface.

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Maximize Insight With Powerful Reporting

Get instant visibility into meaningful usage analytics like where employees are sitting, which spaces are underutilized, and where you can make better space and lease decisions.

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Automate the Booking Experience

Receive automated confirmations, change notifications, space alerts, and real-time requests. Make easy changes and updates whenever necessary.

Software Built to Optimize Your Desk and Room Booking

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Director of Campus and Community Events, Babson College

The other components I would mention just about EMS in general is that it has endless opportunities... I've heard in some sessions where someone would say 'I wish it could do that' and a few of us would say 'It does do that!' [...] There's so many different opportunities that EMS offers that...are untapped, and I would advocate, if people have the funds, to go through a business process review because it's really interesting to discover what things can get done, especially from reporting and data.

Therese Doyla

Director of Campus and Community Events

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Stay ahead with powerful desk and space booking capabilities

Check out how EMS' powerful features can help your team eliminate space and resource scheduling headaches

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Accruent's software streamlines desk and room booking for over 40% of leading North American universities, enhancing campus facility readiness and mission support with its proven desk and room booking capabilities.

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Accruent's streamlines the desk and room booking process, enhancing corporate real estate and driving ROI through integrated data insights and efficiency.

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Help your teams seamlessly find and book the spaces they need using our flexible, enterprise-level desk and room booking software.

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Desk and Room Booking: Best Meeting Room and Desk Booking Software

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