Desk and Room Booking Software

Create seamless connections among your buildings, spaces, and people with enterprise-class scheduling solutions.

Desk and Room Booking Software
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Desk and Room Scheduling Made Easy

Find and reserve the ideal place to meet or work — at the office or on campus ― with Accruent EMS meeting room booking and desk booking system.

Drive productivity

Create a frictionless experience for booking desks and reserving rooms.

Increase employee well-being

Give employees the flexibility to work where they are happiest.

Attract and retain top talent

Provide an exceptional experience to attract the best teams.

Optimize your investments

Understand how people use your spaces so you can make strategic decisions.

A Dynamic Scheduling App

Find the spaces and resources you need, make updates to reservations, and never double-book a room.

Scheduling for Any Industry

No matter your industry, Accruent offers a simple, flexible, and secure meeting room reservation and desk booking software solution that fits seamlessly into your established workflows.

  • Enable office-wide desk hoteling
  • Reserve meeting and conference rooms
  • Manage scheduling across the entire organization
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Simplify video conferencing across global offices
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Room and Resource Scheduling for Education

Bring campus technology together in a single platform with classroom booking software. Unify event and conference scheduling, academic class and exam scheduling, campus events and space reservation, faculty office bookings, and more.

  • Know what’s happening on campus at any time for enhanced security
  • Integrate with facilities management for better maintenance decision-making
  • Simplify scheduling through a centralized room booking software
  • Fully manage events with “one-stop shopping” for invoicing, catering, and more
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Room and Resource Scheduling for the Corporate Workplace

Embrace agility with a meeting room booking system that has virtually limitless integrations. You’ll gain greater value from your conference spaces while you support team collaboration from anywhere.

  • Streamline how meeting space is requested, approved, and invoiced
  • Reduce the steps needed to manage a conference or event
  • Integrate with facilities tools like HVAC and room sensors  
  • Connect remote employees with ready-to-go video conferencing  
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