Plan Module: An Add-On Forecasting Module

Analyze your current state, make virtual changes, and review their impact before you implement new strategies in the real-world with the Plan add-on solution.

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Get an overview of this comprehensive CRE solution, dive into our base Analyze module, or explore the Execute add-on.  

Software Overview

Explore how our three-module corporate real estate (CRE) software can help you take control of your space utilization and CRE footprint with purpose-built analytics, forecasting, and move management.

The Analyze Module

Eliminate siloes and demystify your most important real-time metrics like lease & maintenance costs, space utilization, and headcount – using Analyze’s integrated, comprehensive dashboards.

The Execute Module

Making a change to your real estate strategy? Automate the entire process – from stakeholder approvals to physical execution – so the project remains on time and within budget.

Plan is your real estate test kitchen

Test scenarios, throw out the duds, and know that you’re making the right decisions before you implement changes in the real world.  

Test your ideas and see how they work

Look at your current state, make changes, and test a variety of scenarios to understand their impact and make the most effective changes.  

Avoid mistakes in the real world

Testing scenarios and implementing changes in the real world can be time-consuming, costly, and ineffective. With Plan, you can iterate and optimize before wasting money and manpower.

Optimize your real estate portfolio

With a comprehensive view of your real estate portfolio, you can identify opportunities to optimize space utilization, maximize ROI, and create a workplace environment that supports your employees' productivity and well-being.

Inspire team collaboration and meet employee expectations

Create effective space plans that meet your teams’ needs and help them collaborate and work effectively.


A Look into the Plan Module

Here’s how Plan works to help you create a better tomorrow for your real estate portfolio

Visually Compare Scenarios

Use dynamic dashboards and interactive floor plans to visually compare scenarios and make drag-and-drop changes.

View Plan Impact

Compare your “test scenario” plan against your current state to understand, at a glance, how to make effective department and floor-level changes.

Integrates with

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