The complex process of deploying ever-changing technology is a driving initiative in the telecommunications industry, and in order to complete these intensive projects, companies need a technology partner they can trust. With more than 50,000 users in 12 countries globally, Accruent’s Siterra software is the industry standard for managing network sites and projects - from new site builds to technology upgrades to day-to-day operations. Accruent’s solutions, which are used by all of the top four U.S. mobile network operators, help manage more than 1.7 million global projects with an associated network investment of more than $40 billion.

Siterra addresses the needs of tower companies, service providers, and mobile network operators, helping link employees from different organizations in the industry to collaborate on projects. Our purpose-built infrastructure lifecycle management software solution helps organizations manage radio access networks, including managing projects, assets, sites, and leases to help them respond effectively to customer demands and establish themselves as technology leaders.

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  • Project Management
    Track all aspects of tower and network projects while enabling teams to execute more projects, faster, with higher consistent quality.
    More About Project Management

    Accelerate Network Projects

    Increase visibility into project schedules and process bottlenecks in real time, which will expedite the process from turnover to readiness.

    Standardize Project Workflows

    Keep project guidelines consistent by using configurable templates built on industry best practices, in order to encourage project success and enhance comparative reporting.

    Collaborate on Project Documents

    Upload and organize documents at the project level and maintain version control as updates are made in order to maintain a single document resource library.

    Consolidate Project Data

    Standardize project management processes, helping improve collaboration and visibility into funding, budgeting and execution, status, and scheduling.

    Manage Large-Scale Projects

    Use a single system to oversee up to thousands of concurrent projects with strategic and tactical visibility down to the sub-task level.

    Complete Projects Remotely

    Complete project tasks, such as document uploads, form completions and approvals, remotely using mobile devices.

    Monitor Projects in Real Time

    Field technicians submit proof of task completion using mobile devices enabling managers to review work in real-time, avoiding costly rework and delays.

    Predict Timeline Adjustments

    Analyze potential impact to projects using project forecasting functionality and “what-if” scenarios to avoid or plan for timeline changes or delays.

    Manage Purchase Orders and Invoices

    Automate the entire purchasing cycle and allow vendors to enter invoices directly, reducing time and money spent on managing purchase orders and invoices for projects.

    Improve Quality Assurance

    Require proof of task completion with pictures or other documents. Review, edit, approve or reject project task forms and document uploads completed before project data is finalized.

    Manage Inter-Project Dependencies

    Establish task dependencies between related projects to ensure that proper timelines and workflows between linked projects are followed, and that dependency risks are minimized.

  • Asset Management
    Capture the quantity, capacity and condition of telecommunications equipment, such as antennas, base stations, batteries and backhaul.
    More About Asset Management

    Capture Asset Data

    Maintain a centralized database of your asset library and warranty information to optimize repair-versus-replace decisions and reduce costs.

    Assess Asset Value

    Obtain a clear financial picture of your asset library with automatic calculations for asset value and depreciation.

    Track Inventory Loans

    Maintain accurate asset location statuses and reduce asset loss through movement tracking.

    Improve Asset Upkeep

    Realize longer asset life through automated planned maintenance, notification and work flow in order to avoid cost leakage from depreciating assets.

    Service Assets & Properties

    Track incidents and create work orders for unplanned maintenance.

    View Asset Data Remotely

    View key asset information, such as serial number and financial information using mobile devices.

  • Site Management
    Manage site data through the entire infrastructure lifecycle, from acquisition through deployment and decommission.
    More About Site Management

    Improve Visibility

    Use business intelligence to produce ad hoc and scheduled reports to manage site operations and uncover efficiency improvements.

    Streamline Site Selection

    Compare site options in a targeted area and easily collaborate on decisions by generating site information packages, then utilize workflows to complete the selection process.

    Store Site Information

    Save time inputting and consolidating data by using a centralized, accessible, and secure database for site packages, documents and photos that integrates with all cell site information sources and allows for revision tracking.

    Monitor Site Inspections

    Ensure regulatory compliance and improve site conditions by maintaining a detailed record of site inspection events using online forms to capture field survey data.

    Enhance Site Maintenance

    Improve site performance through centralized incident tracking and automated scheduling and workflow of preventive maintenance.

    Manage Sites Remotely

    View key site information, add incidents and events, upload photos and use GPS to search for nearby sites using mobile devices.

  • Lease Administration
    Manage complex tower lease scenarios, ensure lease compliance, maximize rent revenue, as well as control and pass through costs.
    More About Lease Administration

    Increase Colocation Opportunities

    Maximize lease revenue by easily analyzing colocation availability to increase the tenancy ratio of tower portfolios. Access all existing tower data, including colocation availability (inventory) and tower specifications.

    Real Time Colocation Marketing

    Fully integrate online site selection and application tool with real-time colocation availability tracking to deliver a superior customer experience and efficient internal processes 

    Increase Efficiency in Lease Executions

    Improve negotiating power through portfolio analysis, and eliminate unnecessary abstract inconsistencies with standardized lease templates, and ensure negotiated clauses are enforced.

    Streamline Rent Processing

    Manage rent by exception to identify what has changed and for what reason to quickly identify payments that need review and approval.

    Manage Tenant Collections

    Automate the invoicing and collection of rent from leased and subleased towers to avoid overlooking tenant payments.

    Track Lease Records

    Consolidate core lease information like amendments, lease prohibitions and lease history to avoid missing critical dates and stay within lease compliance.

    Reduce Costs through Expense Compliance

    Reconcile landlord statements of occupancy expenses against lease-specific language detailing caps, exclusions and other negotiated terms.

  • Mobile Workforce Management
    Optimize schedules and dispatch for your workforce with smart algorithms and enable technicians to complete their entire workflow, off-line and in the field.
    More About Mobile Workforce Management

    Scheduling and Dispatch

    Automate scheduling and dispatch or handle exceptions with manual intervention. Use configurable priorities and algorithms to manage your workforce based on company business objectives.

    Performance Management

    Gain visibility into factors contributing to productivity, workforce effectiveness, customer experience, financials and internal business processes.

    Parts and Inventory Management

    Monitor warehouses and vehicle inventories to assure parts availability and improve purchasing decisions.

    Mobile Application

    The robust “personal assistant” mobile application provides contextual information, real-time updates and customer information without disrupting workflow or driving.