In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, optimizing your real estate, facilities and biomedical equipment enables your organization to provide quality patient care and adheres to essential compliance and regulatory standards. Accruent provides industry-leading solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. We help our clients adhere to strict standards set forth by the Joint Commission with our industry-leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for healthcare and help them eliminate payment mistakes with our lease administration solution that is trusted by America’s top hospitals. We are your partner to ensuring you are maintaining the physical needs of your organization.

  • Biomedical/Clinical Engineering
    Track and manage your biomedical assets and equipment, including automating corrective and preventive maintenance.
    More About Biomedical/Clinical Engineering

    Optimize your healthcare technology management to track and manage your biomedical assets and equipment. Through our industry-leading computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) designed specifically for hospitals, you are able to automate your corrective and preventive maintenance to meet the unique needs of your organization.

    For biomedical asset management, Accruent offers two market-leading CMMS – TMS OnLine and Asset Enterprise – to optimize your productivity and equipment management. 

    Manage Work Order Lifecycle

    Easily receive and dispatch service requests through completion within an easy-to-use, web-based self-service tool. Our CMMS for hospitals include mobile technologies so technicians are able to update work orders in real-time.

    Improve Operational Efficiencies

    Effectively and efficiently manage your physical assets and maintenance operations to drive efficiency for your biomedical engineering department. Through reporting and dashboards tools, garner visibility into your operations to determine areas of improvement.

    Simplify Work Order Entry

    As each organization has different needs and requirements, you can use our CMMS solutions to personalize your forms to simplify work order entry matching your workflow. As a result, you can capture the data that you need without complicating the work order management process.

    Improve Regulatory Compliance

    Set-up and track your data to promote easy regulatory compliance. With hundreds of standard reports designed to report on key regulatory requirements, you can keep a pulse on how you are adhering to your organization’s compliance needs. 

    Manage Critical Assets On-the-Go

    Enable your technicians in the field with mobile solutions, which allows technicians to stay in the field to manage your biomedical assets. Eliminate the need to return to the department for data entry or to gather new work requests; instead, improve productivity through mobility.

    Improve Decision Making

    Leverage dashboards and reports to gain visibility. Leverage simple and automated reporting to help your team make better decisions. In addition, reporting tools are designed to report up to senior management to demonstrate productivity and regulatory compliance, as well as support requests for additional budget.

    Optimize with Integrations

    Accruent’s CMMS for hospitals are designed to integrate with leading partners that help you optimize your equipment tracking and management. Integrations include the RFID and RTLS functionality, recalls alerts, testing equipment, barcoding and more. If you have a question of whether our CMMS integrates with a partner, please contact us

    Learn more about our CMMS for hospitals

  • Service Performance Management
    Streamline and automate your workflow across hospital operations
    More About Service Performance Management

    Improve your hospital operations across departments with the industry-leading solution for service performance management. Accruent’s iNeedIt web request interface paired with a powerful workflow engine means that you can enable exceptional service performance through improved turnaround times, staff productivity gains, and increased patient and staff satisfaction.

    Centralize and Automate all Support Services Functions

    Ensure your hospital staff has access to all support services functions in one easy-to-use application. Enable access to materials and equipment distribution, transport, courier services, facilities and clinical engineering, hospitality services and environmental services.

    Place Service Requests Anywhere, Any Time

    Access iNeedIt on a desktop or through mobile devices, giving your staff the ability to place service requests whether they are at their desk or conducting rounds in the hospital. The application is a user-friendly web portal that is compatible across devices. 

    Automate Assign Workflow

    Dispatch workflow across departments with the click of one button on iNeedIt to enable automatic escalations and reassignments. Leveraging intelligent dispatching algorithms, you can eliminate the need to assign and monitor workflow across departments.

    Improve Patient and Staff Satisfaction

    Drive exceptional service levels across the organization, for both patients and staff. Through iNeedIt, you can garner faster response times, as well as visibility into support services across the enterprise. 

    Learn more about Service Performance Management for hospitals

  • Facilities Management
    Identify and automate the unique corrective and preventative maintenance needs for your healthcare organization.
    More About Facilities Management

    Manage Work Order Lifecycle

    Easily receive and dispatch service requests through completion within an easy-to-use, web-based self-service tool.

    Integrate Maintenance Processes

    Save time, reduce data entry and improve collaboration when you integrate your back office systems.

    Improve Operational Efficiencies

    Effectively and efficiently manage your physical assets and maintenance operations.

    Simplify Work Order Entry

    Personalize your forms to simplify work order entry matching your workflow.

    Improve Life Safety Management

    Track and report on life safety equipment for more accurate Statement of Conditions reporting.

    Manage Facilities On-the-Go

    Keep technicians in the field where they can be most productive using mobile solutions.

    Improve Decision Making

    Simple and automated reporting means the ability to make better decisions while improving customer satisfaction.

  • Property and Lease Management
    Streamline your portfolio and lease lifecycle management and adhere to regulatory requirements.
    More About Property and Lease Management

    Siterra for Healthcare

    Enter Siterra. With our proven lease administration solution for healthcare lease management, you can centralize data in one system to streamline your day-to-day management of leases. Say goodbye to managing multiple spreadsheets with manual, antiquated processes.

    In addition, Siterra improves your efficiency by eliminating payment mistakes and overcharges. The true cloud lease administration system ensures expense compliance, cost avoidance and recovery.

    Leading hospitals and healthcare organizations use Siterra to gain visibility into their lease portfolio, ensuring that they are adhering to regulatory requirements while ensuring that their property management is driving strategic success for the organization.

    Lease Administration

    Use standardized templates to eliminate inefficiencies, helping you maintain control of the lease renewal process by managing critical dates and creating automatic notifications.

    Rent Payment Processing

    Automate invoicing and collection of rent and other occupancy costs from leased and subleased properties. In addition, quickly identify payments that need review and approval and use the system to manage rent by exception easily and quickly.

    Expense and Tax Compliance

    Audit the reconciliation of statements and occupancy expenses against lease-specific language. In addition, reduce or eliminate tax obligations or penalties by increasing visibility into total costs and maintaining standard terms.

    Stark Law Compliance

    Eliminate the time-intensive and high-risk process of manually creating and generating straight-line rent schedules to adhere to key regulations like Stark Law. Consolidate data in one system to easily pull the information you need to comply to Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute.

    Reporting and Dashboards

    Gain insights into real-time data to enable decision-making. Create aggregated analysis of all leases in your portfolio to gain power at lease negotiations. In addition, view at-a-glance KPIs of key lease metrics.

    Learn more about Siterra for Healthcare

  • Facility Capital Planning
    Manage and maintain facilities to optimal condition with a data-driven facility capital plan.
    More About Facility Capital Planning

    VFA for Healthcare

    Using VFA for capital planning, you can align your facilities with your strategic business objectives. As budgets tighten and capital investments and expenditures need further justification, leverage a healthcare capital planning solution can provide the data that you need to prioritize and manage your capital investments.

    Through our industry-leading capital management solution, we offer a suite of products to ensure that we are capturing every detail about your facilities and equipment and tracking your investments through analytic tools to drive actionable capital plans. 

    Assessment Services

    Collect detailed information about the current state of your healthcare facilities and building equipment to serve as the benchmark of your facility capital plan. Leverage the information within our software solutions to understand how to prioritize your capital spending to reduce your risk and ensure the best results.

    Learn more about our Assessment Services in the healthcare industry in our on-demand webinar, “Facility Condition Assessments in Healthcare.”


    Gather and maintain healthcare facility condition data by leveraging your internal staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance. Leverage the VFA.auditor software solution to gather data related to your facility condition and integrate with VFA.facility to develop budget scenarios, prioritization and analytics.

    Learn more about VFA.auditor


    Store all facility and building equipment data in a centralized database for analysis and reporting. As a result, you can produce detailed analyses, reports and what-if models to support capital planning decisions now and in the future. VFA.facility allows you to forecast the impact of differing spending levels, ensure cost estimation accuracy and prioritize budgets based on funding allocation.

    Learn more about VFA.facility

    VFA FacilityView

    Use real-time dashboards and graphical reports to understand the current status of your facility capital plan and real estate portfolio in VFA FacilityView. Enable key stakeholders to garner the information that they need about your capital planning process with a few clicks of a button. Through VFA FacilityView, you can search for key assets and view multiple levels of detail.

    Learn more about VFA FacilityView

  • Bed Tracking and Availability
    Gain real-time visibility into bed status and track staff productivity.
    More About Bed Tracking and Availability

    BedReady Manager

    Do you know how many beds are dirty or available at any time? Do you have insight into how your EVS staff is performing? With BedReady Manager, you can simplify bed status tracking with an automated app that allows you to quickly update and track bed availability.

    BedReady Manager leverages interactive voice response (IVR) technology to ensure staff can quickly and easily update bed status without having to access a computer. As a result, you can gain real-time insight into bed status and accurately track staff productivity. 

    Automate Bed Tracking

    Use existing phones, pagers and workstations with the web-based solution to automate your manual processes.

    Gain Real-Time Updates

    Drive efficiency with a fast solution for environmental services and nursing administration with real-time bed-status visibility. 

    Improve Reporting

    Gain visibility into the performance of environmental services and bed statuses to drive faster bed cleaning cycle times.

    Interested in learning more? Download our brochure to see how BedReady Manager can transform your bed tracking operations.