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Lucernex Lease Administration & Accounting

Leasing obligations for real estate and equipment can range from a few million dollars to tens of billions of dollars for each company. It’s critical to the success of your business that leases are accounted for and managed properly.

eBook: Equipment Lease Accounting

One of the biggest impacts of the new FASB/IASB standards is the recognition of equipment leases on balance sheets. The pressure is on organizations to quickly identify equipment leases, integrate and become compliant.


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Managing Equipment Costs in Food Service

Continually driving efficient operations and producing high-quality food relies on having good equipment. When considering a vendor for your stores’ equipment, here are some things to keep in mind.

Adopting the New FASB Standards in Healthcare

Healthcare is significantly affected by the new FASB/IASB standards being introduced. Medical equipment leases that had previously been off the balance sheet must now be recorded as assets. How will you adhere to the standards?


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Webinar: Debunking 5 FASB Myths

“FASB Updated Report Requirements” that phrase carries a lot of weight these days. And while there is a lot to be learned and to take into consideration, what is real and what isn’t? What should your company focus on, and what isn’t? How are you supposed to know when something is just hype, or just a myth? Watch this short on-demand webinar now!


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Insights 2018 - Customer Conference

Accruent’s ​all-user ​customer ​conference, ​INSIGHTS ​2018, ​is ​a ​multi-day ​event ​designed ​to ​help ​our ​customers ​keep ​up ​with ​the ​ever-changing ​face ​of ​real ​estate, ​facilities ​and ​asset ​management.

We're planning ​over ​100 ​track ​sessions ​and engaging ​noteworthy ​speakers. ​For example, in Healthcare, breakout sessions will take a deeper dive into the challenges, best practices, and innovation strategies in Biomedical, Facilities, and Healthcare Technology Operations.

Attendees ​will ​get ​practical ​ideas ​for ​gaining ​efficiencies, ​reducing ​costs ​and ​maximizing ​value. ​Additionally, ​you’ll ​get ​an ​inside ​look ​at ​new ​product ​features, ​gain ​valuable ​insights ​for ​unlocking ​product ​functionality, ​and ​have ​the ​opportunity ​to ​network ​with ​other ​attendees.

You’ll also ​have ​plenty ​of ​time ​to ​interact ​and ​engage ​with ​other ​industry ​professionals ​during ​the ​Demo ​and ​UX ​labs ​and ​other ​fun ​events. We ​hope ​to ​see ​you ​at ​INSIGHTS ​2018!


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Accruent and Lucernex Join Forces on FASB/IASB at NRTA 2017

The retail industry faces the most sweeping changes to lease accounting and financial reporting in more than 40 years. Accruent’s lease accounting software is a FASB/IASB compliant, configurable, scalable solution to manage costs, deliver robust reporting, and increase transparency.