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    Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing an abundance of tasks, including colocation, BTS and maintenance projects. With a focus on increased collaboration across the entire ecosystem, Siterra is a comprehensive solution that offers scalability for growing telecom organizations.

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    Expesite is a true cloud solution designed to enable you to manage all aspects of your projects. With this technology, deployments are cost effective and quick. Expesite will be deployed specifically for your organization’s project needs and can be implemented in as little as six weeks. Read More.

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  • White_Paper_Success_Drivers_in_Capital_Budgeting_thumbnail.png

    This paper describes an approach to successfully aligning an organization’s facilities capital budget with its strategic business objectives. This process enables objective prioritization of competing needs in order to optimally allocate capital funds and deliver the greatest business value.

  • White_Paper_The_Data_Driven_University_thumbnail.png

    This paper discusses the effective development of strategic multi-year facilities capital plans in the college and university environment, and how to align those plans, prioritize competing capital priorities, understand the impact of funding scenarios and create cost-effective capital projects.

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    Learn how FAMIS products help facilities services optimize budget performance and maximize workflow efficiencies across all elements of their real estate and facilities. FAMIS is the next-generation, cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution, it is easy to use, easy to implement and continuously updated with the newest available functionality.

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    Learn more about the solutions Accruent offers and the industries we serve in this brochure that provides you an overview of the largest independent provider of real estate and facilities management software.

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  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    Introduce a lens of disciplined, objective capital budgeting to your financial planning. Learn about how many universities and colleges have shaved off critical operating expenses such as deferred maintenance, and also seen an increase in the revenue generated by their facilities investment.


  • Adopt_The_New_FASB_Lease_Accounting_Standards.png

    Accruent has integrated deep functional support for users preparing to transfer their leases to adhere to the new FASB lease accounting standards. This new functionality allows for a simplified and accurate transition, and lets businesses prepare and edit their lease content before fully adopting the new standards.

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    If you're like most facility management and asset management leaders in the public sector, you're probably already starting to think about your next budget request. However, deciding how much funding to request and which project to propose can quickly become a complex decision without any clear answers. Facility Managers and Directors are looking for best practices to determine what exactly should be included in a successful budget request.

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    This live webinar presentation will demonstrate how your campus facilities and planning division can effectively manage costs and the overall performance of your capital investments by linking financial, operational, and project information.

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    Learn how the Siterra Small Cell module helps enable HetNet deployment for wireless industry professionals.

  • Siterra_Mobile_Field_Service_Management_thumbnail.png

    Understand how telecom industry leaders are using Siterra Mobile Field Service Management to access and update information from the field.

  • Sarah_McGing_Columbia_College_testimonial.png

    Sarah McGing of Columbia College gives us her take on the benefits of switching to FAMIS in this video interview from Insights 2016!

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    In this 1-hour webinar learn how you can take your capital planning program to the next level by managing the transition to a strategic capital planning approach, leveraging your capital planning program to support organizational goals, and communicating the value of your facilities and initiatives to the executive level.

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    Learn how educational institutions can use the FAMIS Occupancy & Space Management solution to track and update their campus-wide physical space information.

  • FAMIS_Maintenance_Management_-_thumbnail.png

    Learn about how the FAMIS Maintenance Management solution helps educational institutions compete for the best students and faculty and the most lucrative and prestigious research grants.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    In the one-hour session, Eric Rinearson, director of facilities services at Kaiser Permanente, will highlight the key challenges his region faced as they sought to improve and routinely update information for the nearly 100 buildings that his team managed.

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  • Siterra_Lease_Brochure_Spanish.png

    Como un profesional de la industria inalámbrica, sabe lo difícil que puede ser estar al corriente de los crecientes costos y responsabilidades de bienes raíces. Administrar cientos, si no es que miles de contratos de arrendamiento de coubicacion, puede resultar casi imposible cuando se trata de rastrear escalamientos de renta y fechas de renovación. El precio que se paga por no cumplir con una fecha crítica es sumamente alto. Con Siterra usted puede administrar los pagos de renta y todos los datos medulares de los contratos de arrendamiento para asegurar el cumplimiento de los mismos, maximizar los ingresos, y controlar los costos.

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  • Siterra_Projects_Brochure_Spanish.png

    Como profesional de la industria inalámbrica, usted se esfuerza para mantenerse a la vanguardia de la tecnología cambiante, y eso significa llevar a cabo proyectos para el despliegue de dichos cambios. La solución de Administración de Proyectos de Siterra está diseñada para ayudarle a comprimir los calendarios y presupuestos de sus proyectos al agilizar sus procesos. Esta solución escalable le ayudará a controlar todos los detalles de miles de proyectos concurrentes.

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  • Siterra_Wireless_Brochure_Spanish.png

    El proceso complejo de desplegar tecnología siempre cambiante es una iniciativa en la industria inalámbrica, y la solución Siterra de Accruent le ayuda a completar ese tipo de proyectos. Siterra le permite administrar múltiples proyectos de red en un sitio o en múltiples sitios en un solo sistema consolidado, usando tecnología de flujos de trabajo para guiarlo a través de los pasos críticos.

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  • VFA_facility_Data_Maintenance_Services.png

    Facility assessments provide a wealth of information about the current conditions and deficiencies of an organization’s real estate portfolio. However, in order to remain an effective foundation for capital planning, this information must be continually updated to reflect both completed improvements and new requirements that arise.

  • VFA_Facility.jpg

    An organization’s facilities are one of its most significant assets. Yet managing the wealth of information related to those facilities and their various building systems is an ongoing challenge, particularly for organizations. Data about value, condition, age, and function, as well as about maintenance and renewal needs, is often scattered across multiple locations and systems, creating islands of knowledge.

  • VFA.auditor_thumbnail.png

    VFA.auditor® is the go-to software for in-house staff to keep facility condition data up-to-date, identify problem areas, or capture information on targeted assets.

  • FacilityView.jpg

    VFA FacilityView unlocks the value of VFA.facility data for the stakeholders you choose – such as executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants or community members – providing quick and secure access to key information about your real estate portfolio, delivered to a desktop or mobile tablet.

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  • Facility_Condition_Assessment_Services.jpg

    Professional Condition Assessments to Create Accurate Long-Term Capital Plans | VFA’s Facility Assessment solutions ensure that organizations get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data needed to maximize facility budgets and secure funding. Integration with our market-leading cloud software offers unparalleled decision support for strategic facility capital planning and management.

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    Understanding the latest updates from the Joint Commission and how it impacts your department’s activities can be challenging.

  • Capital_Budgeting_Solution.jpg

    Get more value from your Facilities Capital Spending. The VFA.facility capital budgeting solution helps organizations utilize facilities capital planning to reduce risk, lower cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Infrastructure_Ontario_Case_Study.png

    With a vast portfolio, the biggest burden for the Infrastructure of Ontario was the management of Excel spreadsheets from across the province. "VFA has simplified the ability to create one comprehensive 10-year capital plan for 1,000 buildings in 15,000 line items rather than 15,000 spreadsheets,” said Marion Birkenhead, capital planning manager, Infrastructure Ontario.

  • University_of_Ottawa_Case_Study.png

    Over the past two years, the University has changed its methodologies in how it executes building condition assessments. With the new assessments and VFA Facility, the University is able to break down the system-by-system components to help better identify the specific areas that need attention. With VFA Facility, the University has also been able to implement rules around entering information to promote data cleanliness and accuracy.

  • James_Madison_University_Case_Study.png

    Using VFA Facility, the Facilities team reduced their time frame for creating budgets, improved forecasting, and was able to create comprehensive reports that enabled them to get “buy-in” from university leadership as well as building occupants. Since the adoption of VFA Auditor, JMU inspectors are able to assess four times more square feet in a fiscal year using the same resources. Time spent in the office was reduced dramatically from two weeks to two days because of the direct data feed into VFA Facility.

  • Minnesota_Twins_Case_Study.png

    The Minnesota Twins use 360Facility to set SLAs, optimize the facilities team’s efficiency, and improve internal customer satisfaction.

  • Retail Info Systems (RIS)
    By Fran Stevenson, Accruent — November 05, 2015

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  • Cloud-security.png

    Concerns over data security keeping you from moving to the cloud? You aren’t alone – after all, a data breach served as the top IT concern for most companies in 2015. Learn how moving to the cloud can improve data security, while reducing your costs and improving operational efficiency.


  • By Lora Mays A company’s real estate and facilities portfolio serves as the second largest expense behind its people. Finding the right software solution to manage an organization’s facilities can provide a significant return on investment, helping facility management leaders improve efficiency and reduce costs. The most common solution in the market today is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). For organizations that are moving from a paper-based or manual system to a CMMS, finding the one that is the best fit can be challenging.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    Does your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) address all critical elements of emergency management for hospitals? Is it updated and contain all of the details that you need to ensure quality care during an emergency? With a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), you can ensure that your EOP is always up-to-date and can be executed upon. In this 15-minute on-demand webinar, learn how a CMMS can serve as your resource for creating and managing an emergency management plan. See how you can leverage your CMMS solution to ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency and meeting requirements set forth by the Joint Commission.

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  • ebook_5_ways_to_increase_technician_productivity.png

    A Tactical Guide to Improving Your Team’s Efficiency. Implementing the following 5 tactics will help you improve your technician engagement, increase their quality or work and as a result, reduce unscheduled downtime for your equipment and ensure operational efficiency for your team.

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  • Whitepaper_Improving_the_Market_Value_of_Tower_Portfolios.jpg

    How Operational Efficiencies Can Position Tower Companies for Growth and Acquisition in Today’s Dynamic Mobile Telecom Environment

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  • Asset_Connect.jpg

    Integration of Capital Planning and Facilities Management - With Asset Connect, both the strategic importance and the work order history can be used to determine which assets to target first.

  • Siterra_Project_Management.png

    Standardize and Streamline Your Processes: As a wireless industry professional, you strive to stay on the forefront of changing telecommunications, and that means running projects to deploy these changes. The Siterra Project Management solution is designed to help you compress project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes. This scalable solution will help you oversee the details of thousands of concurrent projects.

  • anoka_county_case_study_image_cropped.png

    With a diverse set of facilities comprising 2.5 million square feet of space to serve the growing population, Anoka County had outgrown its manual, home-grown facilities management solution. In order to continue supporting the county’s growth and aging infrastructure, the county implemented FAMIS Maintenance Management to achieve its goals.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    Find out how you can explore cost-effective ways to bring more in-depth energy conservation information into traditional FCAs using energy modeling.

  • whitepaper.png

    Seven steps to prioritizing facilities projects for an objective capital plan.

  • superior_graphite_logo_270.png

    “Prior to 360Facility, our system only generated schedules and did not store any data entered onto the work order,” said Bobby Ball, PM Coordinator, Superior Graphite. “Tracking the individual asset history and costs were, at the time, unfeasible.”

  • 5_strategies_to_achieve_world_class_preventitive_maintenance_thumbnail.png

    A step-by-step process ensures better results, reliability.
    Plant Engineering
    July/August 2015
    By Lora Mays

  • Siterra_for_Tower_Companies.png

    Tower companies continuously execute under pressure to meet the demands of network operators’ ever-expanding mobile networks. Accruent’s Siterra solution is the industry standard for managing the IT needs of tower companies. With Siterra, tower companies can effectively manage projects, assets, and leases for both their macro and small cell sites.

    Siterra was designed to provide a single source of truth for all aspects of a site’s lifecycle from site acquisition through ongoing maintenance. Siterra’s project management capabilities facilitate the collaboration with contractors who complete much of the field work, with features to minimize the human factor errors that result in delays and cost overruns. Our solution allows a tower company to accelerate tenancy growth by tracking real-time vacancy information and automating the colocation process.

  • eBook__Executing_Telecommunications_Projects_Efficiently.jpg

    An Accruent eBook for Service Providers: In managing telecommunications projects, the ultimate goal is to deliver on-time and on-budget project completion. By creating project plans, managers are able to identify and track against timelines and goals. Documenting this information enables future technicians to ramp up quickly, and enables managers to identify gaps in processes for continuous improvement.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    In this 30-minute webinar, we will highlight the key data points that organizations are tracking today and how they are using this information to drive success. Learn which KPIs provide the most insight for your team and how you can leverage this data to give your management team the insight that they need.

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  • The-Real-Estate-Lifecycle_webinar.jpg

    With over 8,000 locations around the U.S., Family Dollar is an established brand that, like many other retailers, is challenged to effectively manage its real estate lifecycle. From site selection to project management to facility management, retailers must make a wide range of real estate decisions that could make or break its future success. In order to maximize investments, Family Dollar implemented a suite of real estate management solutions to track critical real estate information. With actionable data at their fingertips, Family Dollar has been able to make better-informed site selections, accurately track and manage construction projects with preferred vendors, and maintain visibility into its portfolio’s condition.

  • 7_Ways_Facilities_Managers_Can_Become_More_Strategic_thumbnail.png

    By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager at Accruent, LLC

    According to Gartner, managing the facilities life cycle is second only to people as the largest expense item in enterprises. With facilities and asset management consuming the bulk of their non-payroll expenses, it's no surprise that organizations typically view facilities management solely as a cost center. But, facilities management teams still can play a more strategic role in the success of any business.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    Hospitals serve as more than medical facilities to the community. They also have a role as landlords of the medical office real estate on and around the healthcare network campuses. As healthcare networks grow the role as a landlord will continue as well the challenges and concerns. In this 15-minute webinar, learn about the top concerns for a healthcare landlord as well as how your organization can address and overcome these concerns.

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  • Defining-a-Career-Path.png

    The human side of facilities management is partly about recognizing and fostering the facility management professional’s personal career goals. Facilities managers (FMs) need to focus on how they can grow and succeed, and that can be driven by how they position themselves as a strategic resource within an organization. It’s also about recognizing that FMs are in a customer service business—the building occupants, whether they are students, faculty, or staff—are the customers, and it’s critical to understand their specific needs and how the facility supports their objectives. These two aspects go hand in hand, and this article will address how understanding and working with facilities users can help facilities managers become more strategic and advance in their careers. Facilities management (FM) is about much more than just maintenance. Consider career goals within the staff. By David Isaacson, Director of Product Marketing at VFA, Inc., an Accruent company

  • The_Revolution_of_Retail_thumbnail.png

    A Smart Real Estate Strategy is the Key to Success in the New Retail Landscape. There are multiple aspects and data that must come under consideration regarding retail real estate decisions in this new retail landscape. And the stakes are high so there’s little room for trial and error and a more analytical approach is needed.

  • Siterra_Executive_Overview.png

    Learn how to with Siterra, managing the end-to-end network infrastructure lifecycle from site acquisition and leasing, to deployment, upgrades and maintenance becomes seamless.

  • Siterra_Disaster_Recovery_Strategy_thumbnail.png

    Siterra’s disaster and recovery plan addresses both physical and virtual environments and ensures critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what.

  • Siterra_for_Professional_Services_thumbnail.png

    Learn how Siterra is a purpose-built project management platform for the telecom infrastructure industry.

  • Siterra_for_Construction_Service_Providers_thumbnail.png

    Learn how Siterra helps the top telecommunications service providers manage the rollout of technology, the ongoing maintenance of sites and the construction of new infrastructure.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    In this 30-minute on-demand webinar from Accruent, learn about the 2015 changes, their impact on your organization, and any steps you may need to remain in compliance.

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  • CS_ColumbiaCollege_March2015.jpg

    FAMIS has improved the facilities team’s ability to track the hours of each staff member, which allows management to better understand where technicians are spending their time. The team can also easily identify areas in which their staff may need training, and determine if additional or improved equipment is needed.

  • Webinar_Image_Placeholder.png

    This webinar demonstrates the value of investing in your facilities. The University of Texas at Austin implemented a set of solutions to help identify high-priority capital investments along with proactively addressing day-to-day maintenance needs.

  • Whitepaper-FAMIS-Business-Case-Cloud.PNG

    Cloud software is creating a compelling business case for college campuses to replace their antiquated on-premise systems. Promising reduced infrastructure costs, faster implementations, and immediate upgrades, cloud is leading to the next generation of facilities management software.

  • Accruent_Project_Management_for_Retail_thumbnail.png

    Accruent Project Management is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up around mobile users in order to capture complete and accurate information in real time.

  • LA_Cloud_–_Lease_Administration__Accounting_thumb.png

    Get more information on how Accruent Lease Administration helps retailers significantly reduce rental and occupancy costs.

  • accruent-facilities-management-for-retail_thumbnail.png

    Learn how Accruent Facilities Management helps retailers manage people, property and assets.

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  • Accruent_for_Retail_thumbnail.png

    Learn how the Accruent suite helps retailers maximize store portfolio performance to achieve best-in-class operational and financial performance.

  • The_Value_of_SaaS_thumbnail.png

    Understand the SaaS deployment method and how it helps deliver results at a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Accruent_for_the_Telecommunications_Industry_thumbnail.png

    Learn how Accruent's Siterra solution helps wireless industry professionals deliver long term, best-in-class, operational and financial performance.

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  • Learn how wireless industry professionals streamline the lease management process to compress schedules and budgets using Siterra Lease Administration.

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  • Understand how Siterra helps to facilitate the interaction between Wireless Carriers and Service Providers.

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  • Learn how to promote your property and improve communication with the 360Facility module for Portal.

  • Learn how to control access to your buildings with the 360Facility module for Visitor Registration.

  • Learn how to increase efficiency and enhance the reservation process with the 360Facility module for Reservations.

  • Learn how to consolidate work orders and manage costs with the 360Facility module for Projects.

  • Learn how to easily document your preparedness events with the 360Facility module for Emergency Incident & Event Tracking.

  • Learn how to easily access and use emergency information with the 360Facility module for Emergency Preparedness.

  • Get more information about all of features available in the 360Facility solution for workplace facilities and asset management.

  • The Accruent solution helps retail organizations maximize productivity, increase revenue, and reduce costs across their organization. Learn more about the value some of our retail customers have received by using the Accruent product.

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  • The FAMIS solution helps higher education institutions and public sector entities reduce costs and maximize productivity and resources. Learn more about the value some of our higher education customers have received by using the FAMIS product.

  • The Siterra solution helps wireless companies and corporations reduce costs, maximize productivity, and increase revenue. Learn more about the value some of our wireless and corporate customers have received by using the Siterra product.

  • The 360Facility solution helps corporations and our channel service providers reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize productivity. Learn more about the value some of our corporate customers and service providers have received by using the 360Facility product.

  • With the wireless industry working to keep up with the exponentially growing demand for data, industry partners are turning to small cells to effectively expand coverage and capacity of their wireless networks. Learn more about challenges associated with a HetNet deployment strategy and the functionality available within Siterra specifically designed to meet the complex needs of installing, tracking, and maintaining small cells.

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) promises big benefits, but it can be a risky decisions for some organizations. Download this Forrester Report to learn how to determine if your SaaS solution is a viable candidate and identify if your organization is prepared for the purchase.

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  • March/April 2010 issue of FMJ, the official magazine of IFMA By: Susan Buchanan