Increasing market and economic demands require that manufacturers operate as lean as possible, while still focusing on cutting operational costs, reducing unscheduled downtime and improving production performance. Having a software partner like 360Facility can help you handle these challenges while delivering on your ultimate goal to drive profitability for the business.

With 360Facility Asset Lifecycle Management, you can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of your production assets to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency. As a result, you can optimize your production equipment performance to ensure you are delivering high-quality products to your customers on time.

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  • Asset Lifecycle Management
    More About Asset Lifecycle Management

    Track the full lifecycle of your assets to optimize performance

    •  Maintain data for all assets, such as maintenance history, purchasing and warranty data – from installation to service to preventive maintenance

    •  Leverage parent-child assets to capture and organize information for an entire production line in an easy-to-access format

    •  Capture information on parts and other consumable inventory items to optimize inventory levels

    •  Gain visibility into asset performance to help fuel investment decisions, including repair vs. replace

  • Preventive Maintenance
    More About Preventive Maintenance

    Reduce unscheduled downtime through automated preventive maintenance

    •  Create daily, weekly, monthly, annual or seasonal preventive maintenance schedules for assets

    •  Store procedures within the system to create a single source of truth for your team to use each time they conduct preventive maintenance

    •  Conduct inspections to determine asset performance, enabling your team to proactively find and solve problems

    •  Issue reactive work orders from preventive maintenance inspections

    •  Generate reports to track completion, schedules and costs

  • Vendor Management
    More About Vendor Management

    Securely manage vendor interactions and information

    •  Allow secure vendor access to work orders, assets and properties

    •  Track and manage critical vendor information, including Certificates of Insurance (COI) and other key contract/compliance information

    •  Ensure vendor quality through rating systems designed to evaluate and track results of previous work

    •  Provide real-time view of vendor activity and performance

  • Knowledge Management
    More About Knowledge Management

    Access a single source of truth for documentation

    •  Create a secure repository of policies, procedures and best practices

    •  Standardize procedures and automatically attach to work orders

    •  Create business rules to determine if documentation is accessible across a portfolio or secured to an individual building

  • Dashboards
    More About Dashboards

    Gain insights into real-time data to enable decision-making

    •  Enhance decision making with KPIs of key asset & maintenance metrics

    •  Review an aggregated analysis of all maintenance requests in portfolio

    •  Create high-quality and interactive visualizations

    •  Filter data to ensure you are evaluating key metrics