Accruent integrated workplace management systems provide solutions to manage every facet of the real estate and facilities lifecycle. Our IWMS software solutions help you achieve the key objectives for your organization, whether your goals are revenue growth, expense control, improved decision-making in support of strategic planning, increased productivity, financial and regulatory compliance or sustainability.

With our purpose-built industry solutions, Accruent is able to provide customers with products that offer better value, better functionality and the right sets of features to improve productivity and revenue while reducing costs and frustrations.

Asset Management

Accruent’s Asset Management software solutions are designed to help you manage the lifecycle of your assets, from planning, construction, operations and change management to retirement. Reporting and inspection capabilities within the real estate management system allow quick assessment and decision-making.

Facility Capital Planning

Planning and managing facilities strategically enables organizations to reduce risk, lower costs, meet regulatory requirements, and improve customer satisfaction. A structured Strategic Facilities Capital Planning program can effectively combine data, processes, and tools to help plan and manage your facilities strategically, in support of your organization’s specific mission. The Capital Planning solution is provided through VFA, an Accruent company.

Facility Maintenance Management

Accruent’s Facility and Maintenance Management solutions help you track and maintain your property and assets. By using your CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system for streamlining and integrating your work order management, inventory management, preventive maintenance and overall accountability, your organization will reduce costs and eliminate wasted resources.

Lease Administration

Accruent’s Lease Administration software solutions help you manage and control rental and occupancy costs – your second-highest expense and #1 long-term financial obligation. Deep functionality for streamlining the full lease lifecycle helps you drive productivity, avoid payment mistakes and overcharges and remain in lease compliance. Eliminate the time-intensive & high-risk process of manually generating and managing straight-line rent schedules for both Capital and Operating leases as the FASB regulations come into effect. Accruent has built the most advanced retail, public sector, wireless, and commercial property management software solutions for lease management on the market.

Project Management Software

Accruent’s construction project management software keeps your construction and renovation projects running on time and within budget. Use our construction project software solutions to communicate with contractors, identify schedule threats and coordinate internal stakeholders around project milestones.

Site Selection and Site Management

Accruent’s Site Selection and Site Management software solutions enable you to develop and maintain a pipeline of sites and associated market intelligence. With electronic binders and customizable workflow, you can operate a paperless process to complete due diligence, differentiate sites and prepare comprehensive site packages for fast, confident decision-making.

Market Planning

The Market Planning solution within Accruent’s real estate management system provides the bridge between your business strategy and real estate portfolio. Our IWMS software (Integrated Workplace Management System) solutions work with your demographic service to help you plan real estate opportunities by trade area and evaluate new locations, relocations, expansions, remodels and closures, as well as continuously monitor progress against your revenue plan.

Space and Occupancy Management

Accruent’s space and occupancy management software solutions give you a bird’s eye view of space usage across your organization or campus. This institution-wide visibility helps you manage the physical space of buildings and optimizes enterprise resource planning.

Biomedical Preventive Maintenance Software

Identify and automate the unique corrective and preventive maintenance needs for your healthcare organization.