In today’s market, there’s no way to successfully implement a one-size-fits-all commercial property management software solution. The real estate asset management software that works wonders for one industry doesn’t fill the CAFM software needs of another. That’s why we have developed purpose-built software suites for each of the industries we serve: Corporate, CRE, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail and Telecom. Experience robust functionality without the clutter of a generic software solution and understand why Accruent is leading the industry by providing maximum value at a lower total cost to our customers for each of the industries we serve.


In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, optimizing your real estate, facilities and biomedical equipment enables your organization to provide quality patient care and adheres to essential compliance and regulatory standards. Accruent provides industry-leading solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. 

From helping you adhere to strict standards set forth by the Joint Commission with our industry-leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for healthcare to eliminating payment mistakes with our lease administration solution that is trusted by America’s top hospitals, we are your partner to ensuring you are maintaining the physical needs of your organization.


With costs associated with workplace asset management consuming over 30% of corporate non-payroll expenses, organizations like yours are recognizing the strategic role facilities management plays.

A fully integrated system of records for real estate management and facilities management data is crucial to reducing costs and driving profitability from your locations; and it will help you align your real estate strategy with your business strategy as well as help you do more with less.

More than 700 corporate organizations in 120 countries speaking 16 languages use Accruent’s IWMS software, including facility management solutions, space planning, construction project managementlease administration, portofio management and energy management to maximize the performance of approximately three billion square feet.


Real estate is often the second-largest expense and the number one long-term financial obligation for retailers like you. In this market environment, it is more important than ever to make strategic real estate decisions. Accruent began creating solutions to help retailers maximize store portfolio performance in 1995 with their commercial property management software and real estate asset management system, and we have used this unparalleled experience to perfect our solutions and attract more than 175 retail customers that manage more than 250,000 individual locations. Accruent also helps retailers perfect the service supply chain, and is FASB-ready as the new ASC 842 regulations come into effect.


Accruent’s solutions for the Education industry have a history of maximizing facilities performance for a broad range of institutions, including 40 percent of the Top 50 universities. Education institutions have extensive portfolios that present challenges when managing for both short and long-term plans. Accruent’s software helps large institutions maximize their existing assets, plan for future expenditures and optimally maintain facilities.

The complex process of deploying ever-changing technology is a driving initiative in the telecommunications industry, and in order to complete these intensive projects, companies need a technology partner they can trust. With more than 50,000 users in 12 countries globally, Accruent’s Siterra software is the industry standard for managing network sites and projects - from new site builds to technology upgrades to day-to-day operations. Accruent’s solutions, which are used by all four of the top four U.S. mobile network operators, help manage more than 1.7 million global projects with an associated network investment of more than $40 billion. Siterra addresses the needs of tower companies, service providers, and mobile network operators, helping link employees from different organizations in the industry to collaborate on projects. Our purpose-built infrastructure lifecycle management software solution helps organizations manage radio access networks, including managing projects, assets, sites, and leases to help them respond effectively to customer demands and establish themselves as technology leaders.

As a facilities manager in the public sector, you are responsible for an extremely diverse portfolio of properties and infrastructure, including an ever-growing percentage of aging assets. As funding is diminished and you feel the pressure to do more with less, managing your facilities and real estate requires overall visibility, ongoing needs assessment and tight project control. Accruent solutions consolidate and integrate all real estate and facilities information and processes to provide the clarity and control needed to reduce construction and occupancy expenses. Accruent’s asset management software and facility management software for the public sector industry are powered by FAMIS technology, and facilities capital planning is powered by VFA software and assessment services.

Increasing market and economic demands require that manufacturers operate as lean as possible, while still focusing on cutting operational costs, reducing unscheduled downtime and improving production performance. Having a software partner like 360Facility can help you handle these challenges while delivering on your ultimate goal to drive profitability for the business. With 360Facility Asset Lifecycle Management, you can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of your production assets to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency. As a result, you can optimize your production equipment performance to ensure you are delivering high-quality products to your customers on time.