Easily capture and track important information

Consistent documentation of incidents and other preparedness events is crucial, but can be difficult and confusing. Having a standardized approach can ensure you can effectively track and record incidents and events, including visitor injuries, fire drills or emergency preparedness meetings.
As part of 360Facility, Incident and Event Tracking offers configurable fields to capture necessary information related to incidents and preparedness events, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Ensure Consistent Data Collection
Create a consistent process to collect data and document incidents and events. Using user-defined fields, you can create custom text areas to ensure you receive responses to selected and necessary questions.
Make Information Easy to Track
Integrate a fully auditable timeline to ensure the right information is being captured at the right time. Leverage a consistent and verifiable method for reporting the incident and associated follow-up activities.
Capture Data Essential to Business Operations
Develop a consistent method for capturing pertinent information for all persons involved, including the ability to attach files and necessary documents. Customize the Incident and Event Tracking module to ensure you are capturing the information required for your business processes.
Keep Important Files Secure
Centralize data and files associated with incidents within 360Workplace. With document security, you can ensure that your audit trail is tamper resistant.
Improve Visibility into Associated Activities and Costs
Link Incident and Event Tracking with 360Workplace work order requests to associate incidents with repair and maintenance requests. Track all follow-up and repair activity costs for a holistic view.

Incident and Event Tracking Includes: 

  • Incident Summary 
  • Timeline 
  • Configurable Incident Details 
  • File Attachments 
  • Work Orders




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