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With increasing customer demands, looming competition, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, plant downtime, and worker safety issues, manufacturers today are looking for ways to save time and resources without impacting quality and product time to market. Accruent's manufacturing and distribution solutions can help drive results by helping you better manage your facilities and assets for greater productivity and operational efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry-Related Products

Multi-Site Maintenance Management — Maintenance Connection

Modernize your maintenance workforce with seamless work order management, enterprise asset management, equipment inventory, and preventive and predictive maintenance — all in Maintenance Connection, Accruent's multi-site CMMS.

Engineering Document Management

Ensure complete, accurate, and up-to-date engineering information and documentation for your engineering, maintenance, and operations teams. Meridian is a purpose-built EDMS that fosters greater collaboration, allows easy access and tracking of asset information, controls documents' revision history, and streamlines compliance for unparalleled operational excellence.

Intelligent Facility Management — vx Maintain and vx Observe

Optimize facility performance by monitoring and leveraging maintenance data at the asset level. vx Maintain and vx Observe will drive greater maintenance and energy efficiencies that will propel your business forward.

Manufacturing & Distribution Resources

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See how manufacturing organizations are embracing technology to help in their pursuit of maintenance excellence.

Meridian Cloud for the Life Sciences Industry

Accelerate digital transformation by leveraging engineering document management software with robust validation services to help you maximize market success and lower product liabilities.

3 Reasons Why Top Manufacturers are Using IoT Remote Monitoring to Increase Productivity

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to utilize innovative manufacturing tools to analyze data and predict or prevent asset failure. See how IoT remote monitoring allows them to ensure their facilities and assets operate at full capacity.


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