• Biomedical/Clinical Engineering
    Track and manage your biomedical assets and equipment, including automating corrective and preventive maintenance.
    More About Biomedical/Clinical Engineering

    Optimize your healthcare technology management to track and manage your biomedical assets and equipment. Through our industry-leading computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) designed specifically for hospitals, you are able to automate your corrective and preventive maintenance to meet the unique needs of your organization.

    For biomedical asset management, Accruent offers two market-leading CMMS – TMS OnLine and Asset Enterprise – to optimize your productivity and equipment management. 

    Manage Work Order Lifecycle

    Easily receive and dispatch service requests through completion within an easy-to-use, web-based self-service tool. Our CMMS for hospitals include mobile technologies so technicians are able to update work orders in real-time.

    Improve Operational Efficiencies

    Effectively and efficiently manage your physical assets and maintenance operations to drive efficiency for your biomedical engineering department. Through reporting and dashboards tools, garner visibility into your operations to determine areas of improvement.

    Simplify Work Order Entry

    As each organization has different needs and requirements, you can use our CMMS solutions to personalize your forms to simplify work order entry matching your workflow. As a result, you can capture the data that you need without complicating the work order management process.

    Improve Regulatory Compliance

    Set-up and track your data to promote easy regulatory compliance. With hundreds of standard reports designed to report on key regulatory requirements, you can keep a pulse on how you are adhering to your organization’s compliance needs. 

    Manage Critical Assets On-the-Go

    Enable your technicians in the field with mobile solutions, which allows technicians to stay in the field to manage your biomedical assets. Eliminate the need to return to the department for data entry or to gather new work requests; instead, improve productivity through mobility.

    Improve Decision Making

    Leverage dashboards and reports to gain visibility. Leverage simple and automated reporting to help your team make better decisions. In addition, reporting tools are designed to report up to senior management to demonstrate productivity and regulatory compliance, as well as support requests for additional budget.

    Optimize with Integrations

    Accruent’s CMMS for hospitals are designed to integrate with leading partners that help you optimize your equipment tracking and management. Integrations include the RFID and RTLS functionality, recalls alerts, testing equipment, barcoding and more. If you have a question of whether our CMMS integrates with a partner, please contact us

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