Engineering Document Management System

Meridian — Engineering Document Management Made Easy

Streamline document management, ensure safety and compliance, maximize company-wide collaboration, and achieve a single source of asset information with Meridian’s purpose-built, enterprise-grade engineering document management system (EDMS).   

Meridian EDMS

A Peek Inside Meridian

See how our engineering document management system (EDMS) can streamline document management, ensure compliance, and enhance collaboration.

Change Management

Control change management to make sure everyone on your team is working on the correct document version at all times

Lower Handover Costs

Lower handover costs by making sure that documentation is centralized and easily available

Regulatory Compliance & Data Quality

Track documentation and automate efforts to compliance with regulations like FDA CFR Part 11, ISO 55000, and GMP.

Asset Documentation Management

Easily access and redline all your important asset documentation

The Value of Meridian Engineering Document Management Software

Backed by over 20 years of unmatched industry expertise, Meridian’s engineering document management solution can help you consolidate tools and overcome recurring pain points that come with using legacy solutions or generic document management systems.


Efficient Engineering Change Management and Document Control

Engineering documentation can be tough to manage. It’s often unstructured, spread across various systems, difficult to trust due to constant change, and needed by many departments at once. Accruent Meridian software brings greater efficiency to document management with its ability to track parallel changes, streamline concurrent engineering, and keep your engineering projects under control.  


Comprehensive Management to Optimize All Operations

Meridian’s engineering document management system can help optimize facilities, operations, maintenance, and asset lifecycle information management. Access to a centralized repository allows you complete control over all critical assets, facility, and engineering documentation, including complex technical manuals, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, project files, and more.


Keep Your Teams Safe

Ensure employee safety by giving them what they need to make the right decisions. Meridian’s centralized repository will always provide instant access to the most up-to-date Master documentation, which is especially critical when responding to an asset or plant emergency.


Cultivate Collaboration 

Use Meridian’s accessible, centralized, and transparent information to help every department in your business and beyond — including engineering, maintenance & operations, capital projects, IT, and external contractors — bust silos, streamline collaboration, close the loop, and get the job done.


Reduce the Cost of Breakdowns and Downtime

Avoid asset failures and plant shutdowns by always having the most accurate engineering information. Meridian ensures more effective and efficient routine and unplanned maintenance for greater business continuity, asset uptime, and a decrease in labor costs.  It also mitigates risk so you can avoid health and safety incidents.


Scales for the Enterprise

Global teams thrive as Meridian’s engineering document management software supports the entire enterprise versus just one plant or location. And no project is too complex or the number of files or amount of data too small. Meridian scales for the enterprise with its ability to manage hundreds of thousands of interrelated documents, drawings, and information throughout its entire document lifecycle.


Accruent Meridian Products

Meridian Server (On-Premises)

Track your mission-critical engineering documents throughout their entire lifecycle using a centralized repository with secure global access to ensure your teams always work with the most up-to-date documents and information.

Meridian Cloud Project

Facilitate the controlled exchange for document deliverables in the Cloud while maximizing data integrity and collaboration with third-party contractors, vendors, suppliers, and owner-operators.

Meridian Cloud Business

Securely manage and scale your engineering documentation in the Cloud while lowering infrastructure costs and the burden on IT (Information Technology).

Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

Transition to the Cloud while ensuring compliance, quality, and safety with an expertly validated, cloud-based engineering document management software specifically for life sciences.

Powerful EDMS Features to Transform Your Operations