Engineering Document Management System

Meridian: Engineering Document Management Made Easy

Streamline document management, ensure safety and compliance, maximize company-wide collaboration, and achieve a single source of asset information with Meridian’s purpose-built, enterprise-grade engineering document management system (EDMS).  

Meridian EDMS

Maintain Ongoing Safety and Compliance

Respond effectively to emergencies and automate efforts to maintain compliance with regulations like FDA CFR Part 11, ISO 55000, and GMP

Facilitate Collaboration Between Departments

With a centralized document repository, you can close the loop between engineering, maintenance, IT, and other key stakeholders

Streamline Document Control

Track parallel changes, simplify change management, streamline concurrent engineering, and keep your engineering projects under control

Allow For Concurrent Engineering

Control document changes and allow for concurrent engineering with robust workflow and multi-workflow capabilities

Accruent Meridian Products

Meridian Server (On-Premises)

Track your mission-critical engineering documents throughout their entire lifecycle using a centralized repository with secure global access to ensure your teams always work with the most up-to-date documents and information.

Meridian Cloud Project

Facilitate the controlled exchange for document deliverables in the Cloud while maximizing data integrity and collaboration with third-party contractors, vendors, suppliers, and owner-operators.

Meridian Cloud Business

Securely manage and scale your engineering documentation in the Cloud while lowering infrastructure costs and the burden on IT (Information Technology).

Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

Transition to the Cloud while ensuring compliance, quality, and safety with an expertly validated, cloud-based engineering document management software specifically for life sciences.

Meridian Pricing Calculator

This manufacturing CMMS/EAM is a comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and parts inventory solution.

What Sets Meridian EDMS Apart

Comprehensive and Agnostic CAD Management

Meridian EDMS is purpose-built to allow users to store, maintain, and update interrelated or interdependent computer-aided design (CAD) files, building Information management (BIM) models, drawings, schematics, and other documentation. This — along with features like digital workflows, audit trails, and a defined feedback process — can help all users simplify compliance and understand who made decisions and when.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Integrations

Even with a robust CMMS platform, critical documentation — such as complex engineering documents, facility documentation, CAD drawings, and technical documents — often can’t be readily accessed or updated due to unavailability or constant change. Connecting Meridian to your computerized maintenance management system can help you access all your crucial information and share field-related changes with document owners.

Controlled External Document Exchange

Teams often have challenges with medium-to-large internal projects and shared company resources. Documents are often lost during the back-and-forth internal review cycle. And it can be difficult to collaborate effectively with external vendors and maintain the engineering project scope and budget. Accruent Meridian simplifies project document change and external sharing using a controlled digital process — both to and from contractors and company-shared services. It also eliminates the need to use uncontrolled or unsanctioned tools such as Dropbox, network drives, email, or FTP sites.

Lower IT Burden

Meridian’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering lets you take advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud. It removes on-premises hardware, software, and infrastructure costs. In addition, it provides all the maintenance, support, upgrades, and patches you’ll need. Upgrades are provided quarterly, and all users are invited to suggest application improvements. Offloading system operations and maintenance reduce IT maintenance and labor costs by more than 50% compared to on-premises systems.

Regulatory Compliance

If you need engineering document management in a regulated environment, explore how Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences can help you transition to a validated EDMS in the Cloud and ensure compliance, quality, and safety.

Data Quality & Integrity

Meridian provides built-in consistency checks for mandatory metadata, missing reference files, and content availability. Automatic document rendering improves the collaboration and embedded review and approval process.