Lx Projects: Powerful Construction Project Management Software

Effortlessly manage new retail construction, grand openings, and capital improvement projects, all on time and within budget. 


Lx Projects Mobile: Enable Teams in the Field

Discover the intuitive mobile app that enables construction teams to easily manage key tasks while on site.

Improve productivity

Help your employees and contractors find what they’re looking for — fast. With Lx Projects Mobile, technicians can quickly receive and create work orders on-site via mobile tablet or device, ultimately increasing productivity and streamlining billing.

LXPROJECTS-Mobile-Reduce errors

Reduce errors

Have confidence that you are working with complete, accurate and up-to-date information, whether it’s stored in a PDF, image, text file, or other document. Lx Projects is device agnostic, so it works with various systems without the need for customisations.

Mobile-Streamline communication

Streamline approvals

You always know who is supposed to be doing what. Set and modify approvals easily and effectively, as well as access approval requests. A defined schedule management module provides visibility into each technician assignment.

Data-driven decision making

Get the information you need to make better decisions.

Data-driven decision making

Get the information you need to make better decisions. Accruent retail construction project management software isn’t just for retail ― streamline construction projects across all industries.

Project-focused tools

Replace legacy systems like spreadsheets with one purpose-built for construction projects.

Improved requests for information

Improved RFI process management with Accruent Lucernex Projects leads to better decision making about suppliers.

Effective scheduling

Help technicians effectively manage timetables and calendars with scheduling integrations.

Resource management

Easily manage your team’s availability and rates ― and avoid overages.

Mobile capabilities

Receive and create work orders on-site for increased productivity and streamlined billing.

Workflow optimisation

Discover exactly where you are in a workflow and where you need to go.  

International capabilities

Let your on-site team members log their hours, know when your team is working and maximize your overall transparency, flexibility and security.

Informative timesheets

Know when your team is working. Maximise overall transparency, flexibility, and security.

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