Stay Competitive in the Retail Marketplace



Stay Competitive in the Retail Marketplace

With the Lucernex solutions as the cornerstone of our IWMS retail platform, we enable retailers to select, operate and manage assets more efficiently. Implement new store models and strategies quickly. Decrease cycle times and increase revenue weeks. Drive gains in operational performance and availability of assets. Deliver transformative, always-on visibility and control.


of sales are still made in brick-and-mortar stores

> Half

of the top 100 retailers work with Accruent


of consumers buy based upon customer experience over price

Industry Related Products

Lease Administration and Accounting for Real Estate and Equipment - Lucernex

Manage real estate and equipment leases in a single FASB/IASB compliant solution to make real-time decisions that impact the growth, reduce risk and achieve compliance.

Market Planning & Site Selection - Lucernex

Leverage real-time actionable insights to compress site selection cycle times, identify and select new locations, and build faster. Reduce overall costs by automating data collection, negotiation and evaluation to drive growth and manage capital. Increase revenue weeks.

Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management - Verisae

Gain visibility and control over the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventative maintenance, from work order creation and dispatch to completion, invoicing, approval and financial system integration.

Project Management - Lucernex

Effortlessly manage new retail location construction, openings and the overall capital improvement process while ensuring controls are in place to deliver your brand promise consistently, on time and within budget.

Remote Monitoring of Mission-Critical Equipment - Verisae

Predict outcomes and potential failures of equipment remotely using performance data and drive long-term improvements in your asset lifecycle.

Equipment Lease Accounting - How to Achieve Compliance through Operational Procedures

With the new FASB/IASB lease accounting standards, it’s time to lay out your game plan for adoption of these standards. See the framework you need to fully prepare.