Redefine Your Healthcare Asset Management Strategies

Biomedical and Clinical Engineering  |  Facilities and Plant Operations

Improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, satisfaction, and the quality of patient care. Drive gains in performance and availability of healthcare assets including facility and biomedical equipment.


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Transformative CMMS & Asset Management Designed Exclusively For Healthcare

Connectiv is a modern, cloud-based, silo-busting solution. With Connectiv, you can consolidate your HTM, HFM, IT and more to a single user experience to transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility, optimize work productivity and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws, and regulations.

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Improve The Delivery of Patient Care

Connectiv Drives Down Costs and Ensures Compliance for Optimal Healthcare Operations. Request a demo today and see how our Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) solutions can help your organization.

Healthcare Asset & Maintenance Management

Manage the full service process from asset tracking, compliance, and work initiation through planned maintenance and events to execution and completion.

Data Insights
Data Insights

Accruent Data Insights uses real data from 289 million work orders to provide independent reliability insights. Get access to our exclusive, interactive web portal and data reports to help your organization reduce equipment downtime, drive better purchasing decisions, and support Value Analysis teams.

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

By using Accruent and Attania’s complementary solutions, you can reduce your medical equipment lifecycle costs (MELC) and ensure the highest level of patient care.

Medical Device Security Analyzer
Medical Device Security Analyzer

Manage attributes of all network connected medical devices. Conduct risk assessments, reconcile MDS2 data and other security attributes against inventory, and remediate potential risks and vulnerabilities. Automate workflows unique to your organization.

Lease Administration & Accounting - Equipment & Real Estate Leases

Manage the most complex real estate and equipment lease scenarios, mitigate risk, achieve compliance and seamlessly integrate into your ERP.

Capital Planning Software and Services
Capital Planning Software and Services

Our capital planning software and assessment services can help you get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data you need to understand current conditions, prioritize budgets and secure required funding.

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Mobile Inspections Application for Healthcare

Ensure consistent data collection for inspections, surveys, audits, asset conditions across the continuum of care.

IoT Enabled Environmental Monitoring
IoT Enabled Environmental Monitoring

Ensure compliance and minimize patient risk by leveraging connected assets and maintenance to predict equipment failure and stop equipment downtime.

Ensure Access to Accurate and Up-to-Date Engineering Information Every Time

Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian, establishes a centralized, secure, scalable, highly accessible repository for all engineering documentation. Providing over 30 years of expertise, we help healthcare organizations run their facilities efficiently, safely, sustainably and profitably. Our solution enable compliance with The Joint Commission and DNVGL regulations.