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Transformative CMMS & Asset Management Designed Exclusively for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need modern asset management systems to effectively maintain physical assets, improve cybersecurity, ensure compliance, cut costs and optimize the patient experience. Connectiv is a modern, cloud-based, silo-busting solution that consolidates your HTM, HFM, IT and more to a single user experience, transforming the patient experience and delivering gain real-time visibility. With Connectiv, you can optimize work productivity and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations.

Healthcare Asset & Maintenance Management

Manage the full service process from asset tracking, compliance, and work initiation through planned maintenance and events to execution and completion.

Resources for Healthcare Asset Management:

Asset Management: From Hospital Bedding to Software
The MSCC Management System
Healthcare Asset Management Strategies for Effective Infection Control

Actionable Medical Equipment Reliability Information: Data Insights

By compiling asset data from over 1,700 hospitals and 289 million work orders, Accruent Data Insights can resolve these concerns, providing users with key insight into their critical clinical and biomedical equipment, including total cost of ownership, real-world performance, estimated lifespan, and value analysis.

Resources for Data Insights – Actionable Information in Healthcare:

The Value of Actionable Content in a Clinical Setting: Access to Better Information Facilitates Enhanced Cancer Care
Enhanced Cancer Care
Healthcare Big Data and the Promise of Value-Based Care
Using IoT to Fix Real Problems in Healthcare

Medical Equipment Planning Software

Attainia is the leading industry software solution for medical equipment project planning, routine replacement, budgeting and tracking. Accruent is partnering with Attainia to empower healthcare organizations to reduce their total cost of ownership for medical equipment.

Resources for Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management Software:

Management of Medical Devices | PDF | World Health Organization
Medical Equipment Management | Wikipedia
Managing the Full Medical Equipment Lifecycle

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Medical devices and assets often store sensitive patient and hospital information, and they are usually linked to broader cybersecurity systems. A hacked medical device, then, can expose critical information and pose a major, costly data threat. A modern Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) solution can mitigate these risks by helping users identify risks, develop a plan and automate security processes.

Resources for Medical Device Cybersecurity:

FDA Medical Device Cybersecurity
Medical Device Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know
Medical Device Security: Don’t wait for the next Cyberattack

Healthcare Capital Planning Software and Services

Many hospitals are operating with significantly reduced operating margins and reduced access to capital due to the COVID-19 crisis and other key factors. Our healthcare capital planning software and assessment services enable you get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data you need to understand current conditions, prioritize budgets and secure required funding.

Healthcare Capital Planning Resources:

The Increasing Importance of Strategic Capital Planning | Healthcare Financial Management Association
Hospital Planning: Challenges or Opportunities?
Why Capital Planning Matters to Healthcare Organization

Healthcare Mobile Inspections & Rounds for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, tracking, inspections and surveys are critical to operations and inventory management. This includes audits, surveys of asset conditions, and tracking of patients, surgical equipment and even newborns. Deploying robust healthcare asset management technology with mobile inspections can streamline this process and ensure information is complete, compliant and up-to-date.

Resources for Healthcare Mobile Inspections:

FDA | Device Software Functions Including Mobile Medical Applications
FDA | Guidance, Compliance & Regulatory Information | Biologics
Why EOC Rounds in Healthcare are Important

IoT in Healthcare – Environmental Monitoring

Internet of Things (IoT) can solve major pain points in the healthcare industry, providing innovative solutions that allow healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than on medical equipment. More specifically, IoT can automate healthcare processes, track vital data, and allow healthcare facilities to monitor inventory, avoid wastage and improve patient care.

Resources for IoT Environmental Monitoring in Healthcare:

How is IoT Solving Pain Points in Healthcare
How IoT is Becoming the Pulse of Healthcare
IoT – The Big Change in Healthcare

Capital Equipment Planning & Allocation
My hope is that other hospitals will take advantage of automating operations with Accruent. The changes that Accruent has made for our organization have literally been transformational for our hospital.


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