IoT Remote Monitoring System

IoT Remote Monitoring, Control, and Energy Management

Connect, monitor, predict, and control multiple equipment types to help your organisation deliver maintenance and energy efficiencies, improve air quality, maximise wellness and preserve commercial refrigeration health

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The Benefits of IoT Remote Monitoring  

Real-time IoT remote monitoring, control and energy management can transform your operations.

Optimise Energy Management

Reduce energy-related spending, effectively monitor your energy and utilities and retain optimal parameters to save energy and operate more greenly.

Operate More Predictively

Predict and prevent asset failures 3-5 days before they happen, improve first-time fix rates and maximise operational efficiency to reduce equipment downtime and impacts.


Improve Air Quality & Comfort 

Control HVAC systems and maintain air quality standards and comfort to increase the productivity, safety and overall wellness of employees and patrons

Simplify Commercial Refrigeration

Ensure that temperatures always remain within range, reduce work orders, decrease waste and save money with remote refrigeration monitoring and alerts.

Related Industries Served

IoT remote monitoring software helps manage HVAC systems, lighting, security, and occupancy to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Retailers utilise IoT remote monitoring to manage inventory, monitor store conditions, and enhance customer experiences through smart shelves and checkout systems.

IoT remote monitoring is used for patient monitoring, medical equipment management, and tracking pharmaceuticals and vaccines, improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.

IoT remote monitoring is used for automated guest room controls, energy savings, enhanced security, efficient inventory management, and improved guest services. It also optimises waste management, conserves water, and utilises real-time feedback to enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Manufacturers leverage IoT remote monitoring to monitor equipment health, track production processes, and implement predictive maintenance strategies, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

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