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Find out how Accruent is helping manufacturing organizations streamline their workflows, maintain regulatory compliance, maximize labor efficiency and gain unparalleled multi-site asset intelligence.

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Thrive with Intelligence for the Built Environment

Transform the way your people and your system work together and drive your business forward with data-led intelligence.

Powerful solutions to shape, drive, manage and control your physical world.
Insights spanning the full lifecycle of your physical resource management.
Comprehensive integrations for improved transparency and ease-of-use

Explore Our Manufacturing Solutions

Enterprise Asset Maintenance Management (EAM)

EAM is a system of tools for managing and maintaining an organization's assets and equipment. EAM software offers features to track, manage and analyze asset performance and costs through all phases of the asset lifecycle to save time, improve asset maintenance activities and lower costs.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Accruent's cloud-based and on-prem CMMS software optimizes facility maintenance and asset maintenance activity ― helping automate work orders, increase equipment reliability, streamline maintenance tasks, lower costs, improve inventory accuracy and maintain industry-specific regulatory compliance.

Engineering Document Management (EDM)

Leverage a purpose-built EDM solution for real-time collaboration and a single source of truth. Empower engineering professionals with seamless communication, immediate access to up-to-date information, and the right EDM system to make informed decisions and achieve success.

IoT Remote Monitoring

With IoT Remote Monitoring software, connect, monitor, predict and control various equipment types to enhance maintenance, energy efficiency, air quality and operational predictability. Advanced IoT boosts transparency, productivity and reduces communication gaps for improved business performance.

Field Workforce Management

Field workforce management is a solution that allocates resources strategically and optimizes their impact. Empower technicians through seamless task completion, efficient field scheduling, enhanced safety, and inventory tracking for greater operational success.

Solve Your Biggest Manufacturing Challenges


Comply with federal, state and industry regulations to avoid risk, failed audits and cost overruns.  


Keep routine maintenance on track to void emergency breakdowns and unavailable inventory.

Asset Management

Collect, analyze and access your important asset management related data to avoid inefficient, under-productive operations.

Multi-Site & Remote Operations  

Ensure transparency, consistency and communication across remote sites and field employees.

Communication & Documentation

Stop managing critical documentation workflows with paper-based or outdated, disparate systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Move away from reactive maintenance strategies to avoid unsafe conditions and unplanned downtime.

Powerful Solutions to Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations

Maintenance Connection 

Maintenance Connection is a browser-based platform built for real-time maintenance and management of organizational assets. With its configurable interface, flexible business automations and RESTful API, Maintenance Connection provides a unique hybrid of a CMMS and EAM to promote organization-wide collaboration with real-time visibility.


Keep all your documents and drawings in one place with our top-performing enterprise document management software. Meridian provides a single source of truth, configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with all internal departments, and ensures every document change is versioned and audited to demonstrate regulatory compliance.  

vx Observe

vx Observe’s Remote Monitoring system eliminates unplanned equipment downtime, delivers energy efficiency, reduces the cost of repair, predicts equipment failure up to 14 days ahead and eliminates unnecessary expenditures.  

vx Field

vx Field connects your field staff with dispatch and critical information to improve service execution, parts tracking and invoicing. Optimize your field scheduling, better manage workforce performance, manage van and warehouse inventory, and mobilize their workforce.  


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