Resource Management

Real Estate, Facilities, and Asset Management Solutions

Transform how your organisation manages its physical resources. Accruent’s market-leading solutions are designed to help your human resources and physical resources work in tandem as you optimise all stages of real estate, facilities, and asset management.


Optimise facility and asset maintenance so you automate work orders, increase equipment reliability, streamline operations, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Desk and Room Booking Software

Transform your spaces. Create seamless connections among your buildings, spaces, and people with enterprise-class space and resource scheduling solutions.

Digital Signage and Kiosks

Access real-time meeting information and immediate desk or room availability details.

Energy Management

Lower costs, meet energy efficiency goals, and improve resilience and agility.

Energy Sustainability Management

Remotely monitor and optimise energy consumption using IoT to stay within healthy parameters and remain compliant with environmental mandates.

Engineering Document Management

Provide real-time collaboration and a single source of truth by leveraging an engineering document management (EDM) solution, purpose-built for today’s engineering professionals.  

Enterprise Asset Management

Maintain, control, and analyse your assets and infrastructure throughout all phases of the asset lifecycle with robust enterprise asset management tools.  

Enterprise Refrigeration Management

Gain deep visibility into refrigeration and HVAC systems, stay compliant, and keep costs down when you leverage the right refrigeration management solution.

Event Management

Impress your visitors, customers, and employees as you gain seamless control over and visibility into your workplace or campus events and conferences.

Facility Asset Management

Streamline facility and asset maintenance so you optimise operations, improve inventory accuracy, automate work orders, and maintain ongoing compliance.

IoT Remote Monitoring

Connect, monitor, predict, and control multiple equipment types to deliver maintenance and energy efficiencies while preserving commercial refrigeration health.

Lease Administration and Accounting

Manage complex lease scenarios, mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and seamlessly integrate lease administration and accounting into your existing solutions.

Project Management

Improve communication and collaboration, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and meet your project deliverables on time — and within budget.

Space Planning

Uncover additional square footage, manage space allocations, and identify areas for savings with our space planning software solutions.

Work Order Management

Optimise your maintenance team’s efficiency, simplify workflows, maximise ROI and improve your overall output with intuitive work order management.

Take Control of Your Physical World

  • Shape: Physical resources strategies that ensure delivery of your mission
  • Drive: Procurement and construction activities that bring the strategy to life
  • Manage: Service delivery through operations, maintenance and compliance
  • Control: Activities for occupants, mobile workers and IoT devices in real time

Integration across the full lifecycle enabled by integration methodology and platform:

  • Building Registry
  • Persona Registry
  • Transaction Registry
  • 240+ Out-of-the-Box Connections

Business Analytics

Insights across the full lifecycle enabled by data integration, abstraction and reporting:

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Advanced reporting
  • Insights that matter
  • Predictive analytics at an asset and transaction level