Chain Store Age, September 24, 2018

By Marianne Wilson

U.K.’s largest food retailer, Co-op, faced several refrigeration challenges — labor-intensive refrigeration monitoring, food spoilage, and cumbersome work orders, to name a few.

In the article: IoT Monitoring Improves U.K. Retailer’s Operation Efficiency, you’ll see how the retailer overcame these challenges when they chose Accruent’s retail IoT monitoring solution. You also learn about the many benefits obtained, such as:

  • Automatic refrigeration monitoring 24/7/365
  • Work order automation
  • A continuous asset improvement cycle
  • A reduction in food waste
  • Predictable, preventive maintenance
  • The ability to filter out nuisance alarms
IoT Monitoring Improves U.K. Retailer’s Operating Efficiency