Spur innovation with controlled engineering change management.

The Company

Nobian Industrial Chemicals (formerly AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals) is Europe’s largest producer of vacuum salt and a leading supplier of chlorine-alkali products and derivatives. These products are used in the chemical, detergent, construction, food, pulp & paper, and plastic industries. Approximately 1,900 employees work at production locations in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, China, and the United States.

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“Meridian provides us with a standard process to manage all engineering changes in concurrent projects."
Hendrik Lohof, Engineering Project Manager


The Challenge

Nobian Industrial Chemicals is involved in continuous innovation and sustainable change projects to improve the company’s environmental footprint and economic efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle. Managing these projects with the company’s outdated legacy document management systems proved challenging due to:

  • Lack of standardised processes for engineering change management
  • Unclear document ownership and responsibilities assignment
  • Low document integrity in the as-built environment
  • Unavailability to critical asset information for maintenance and operations

“The main achievement of Meridian is the standardisation of the management of change process for concurrent engineering projects. We now have logical separation of master documents in the as-built environment and work documents in the project environment.”


The Solution

To help manage innovation and change at Nobian Industrial Chemicals, the Meridian engineering information management solution was selected for its:

  • Comprehensive document management services, including secure vaulting, document lifecycle management, and revision history capabilities
  • Secure management and seamless transfer of documents between as-built, project, and archive status
  • Ability to launch relevant parent applications such as AutoCAD or Microsoft Office for quick and easy document modification
  • Integration with SAP PM to provide maintenance with web-based access to documents in stored in Meridian


The Result

Nobian Industrial Chemicals believes the key benefit of Meridian has been the ability to standardise processes and control changes during engineering projects. Additionally, with the integration between Meridian and SAP PM, the time for maintenance and operations to gain access to asset-related engineering information has been reduced to just seconds.

  • Controlled change management for concurrent engineering projects
  • Accuracy improvement through up-to-date asset information
  • Fast, consistent access to asset information for maintenance and operations
  • Return on investment through outsourced business operations