Speeding up engineering information traffic for improved efficiency and collaboration.


The Company

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sund & Bælt owns and operates some of the largest infrastructure installations in Northern Europe. This infrastructure includes four ferry ports (Odden and Ebeltoft, Spodsbjerg, and Tars) located in the north and south of the Storebælt link, Storebælt road and rail sections, and the Oresund motorway, railway and bridge. The company’s mission is to make travelling easier and, in doing so, maintains high standards for quality, the environment, and safety.  

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By bridging the gap between Maintenance and Engineering and integrating with IBM Maximo, Sund & Bælt has improved efficiency of its entire maintenance operation. Our personnel find Meridian very easy to use. It’s now indispensable to them.”
Kurt Lauvring, Project Manager


The Challenge

During the design and construction phases of these Sund & Bælt’s infrastructure projects, a high volume of documentation and drawings were created. This made it increasingly difficult to find and retrieve relevant drawings. Another challenge was monitoring the outsourcing of operations and maintenance tasks to external contractors, service providers, and consultants. With 10,000 maintenance jobs as well as weekly and monthly inspections, it was difficult to maintain a detailed, up-to-date maintenance history from external contractors for an easy and complete exchange of technical asset information.


The Solution

Sund & Bælt selected Meridian to replace its old drawing management system that had only basic tools and was expensive to maintain. During the implementation, the company was also able to combine data from three databases into one place – Meridian.

  • Up-to-date as-built environment for engineering information
  • Configurable workflows for easy review and approval process
  • Redline, markup and compare drawings to quickly view revisions
  • Standard integration with IBM Maximo

“It sometimes took personnel four hours to locate a document. In many instances, the relevant document or drawing could not be retrieved and had to be reconstructed from scratch. Besides being frustrating, this also led to operational time being wasted and an increase in our mitigation costs.”


The Result

Using Meridian, Sund & Bælt manages one million pages of as-built documentation for highways, bridges and railways. This includes 60,000 CAD drawings as well as maintenance procedures, inspection drawings, photos, maintenance jobs, reporting of proposed changes, and a complete history of the infrastructures.  

With the integration between Meridian and the company’s enterprise asset management software, IBM Maximo, drawings and technical documents stored in Meridian are available within IBM Maximo at the click of a button.  

  • Ensured quality of asset and engineering information
  • Streamlined engineering change activities
  • Consistent engineering and maintenance environments
  • Improved collaboration and handover with maintenance contractors
  • Reduced document retrieval times from four hours to just minutes

"We’re now able to retrieve a relevant drawing quickly and have confidence it’s the right version. It’s also easy to track and exchange documents for electronic approval and updates with external parties following a clear workflow process.”