Product Walk-Through

Take a peek into our software and learn how Accruent solutions can help your business

Product Walkthrough


Energy Consumption by Energy Type

View energy consumption types in any building, over any date range.

At-a-Glance Energy Costs

Quickly view your energy costs each year so you can set benchmarks and make an informed improvement plan.

Energy Meter Data

Examine meter-level information, including daily average, expenditure, and contributions.

AOEM Overview

An overview of Accruent Observe for Energy Management, our dedicated smart energy management software.

Interactive Demo

Empower your energy management - Try our interactive demo today and revolutionize your estate's energy efficiency!

Interactive demo screen displaying the page layout

Calculate Your Cost Estimate Now

Screen shot of the pricing calculator

Data Insights

Device Comparison

Directly compare medical devices to make sure that you're choosing the most budget-friendly and reliable asset for your organization

Detailed Device Insights

Review in-depth device data, including reliability information, lifecycle data, device comparisons, and benchmarks

Quick Budgeting

Get key medical device asset details - like total cost and expected life - to make informed repair, replace, and capital planning decisions

Calculate Your Cost Estimate Now

Screen shot of the pricing calculator


Room Booking

See how to book a meeting with a colleague using the EMS web app

Direct Spaces Mobile App

Get comprehensive meeting and room booking functionality within the Direct Spaces mobile app

Direct Spaces Mobile App

Custom Reports

Choose from 100+ standard reports or build and share customized reports using the query builder

EMS Flex

One-Click Desk Booking

Quickly find and book the desk of your choice for your meetings, appointments, or daily work.