Accruent Observe for Energy Management (AOEM)

Effortlessly reach energy consumption targets, optimise risk management, lower costs and meet net-zero targets

Accruent Observe

What Makes Accruent Observe for Energy Management Stand Out?

AOEM has been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation in the field of energy management

Holistic dashboards

Consolidate all your energy information – including data gathered via CSV and APIs – into one easy-to-understand, actionable dashboard. Gain at-a-glance insight and use dashboard alerts to allow for immediate action on consumption issues.

Comprehensive automations

Accruent Observe for Energy Management’s automations integrate bills, energy meters and high energy consuming assets, utilising sources such as maintenance history and weather data.

Project tracking

With AOEM’s baseline modelling capability, you can edit and remove baselines with ease, as well as model different energy scenarios in just a few clicks.

Weather normalisation

Automatically normalise your baselines with hyper-local weather data and remove the effect of ambient weather conditions so you can ensure you have clean, consistent points of comparison across different periods or locations.

Smart alerts

Alarm filtering and customisable alerts help you cut out the noise and simplify proactive decision-making.

Configurable rules engine

Utilise our configurable rules engine to define thresholds, create automatic work orders and automate your compliance data logging for ongoing compliance.

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