Lease Management & Compliance Solution

Lease Administration and Accounting Software

Managing the leases for real estate & equipment involves many complex scenarios. Accruent's lease management software and lease accounting software does the heavy lifting for you, helping mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions.

lease management

Make Informed Lease Decisions

Provide transparency into your entire lease portfolio for better decision making.

Full-service lease administration

Manage complex real estate and lease management scenarios, as well as equipment leases, at every stage of the lease lifecycle.

Comprehensive lease accounting

Easily calculate your lease and expense obligations with a cloud-based, single source of truth of lease data.

Automated compliance with GASB, FASB, IASB, and IFRS

Mitigate audit-associated risks with a comprehensive, automated solution for achieving and maintaining compliance.

Growth and capital allocations

Identify underperforming assets, analyse lease vs. buy options, and take advantage of lease terms and conditions.

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