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The European food retail industry is facing several challenges, including rising costs, sustainability pressures, evolving consumer habits, and supply chain complexities. To overcome these challenges and create a more sustainable and efficient future, retailers must focus on innovation.

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Retail Revolution: Efficiency, Compliance, and IoT Solutions


Boost Operations: Real-Time Efficiency Solutions

Food retailers require a robust facility management solution to keep operations seamless, especially in the face of unique challenges such as complex supply chains, multiple store formats, and stringent regulations. By harnessing ServiceChannel's innovative platform with Accruent's product capabilities, food retailers can:

  • Utilise site audit and decision tree tools to protect your brand
  • Attain real-time visibility into facility performance and maintenance
  • Reduce operational costs by optimising asset functionality
  • Harness powerful analytics to gain data-driven insights for better decisions

Reduce Energy Costs and Meet Sustainability Goals

Food retailers encounter several energy management challenges, including substantial expenditure on energy usage, complex operational processes, and the need to achieve carbon neutrality. Accruent Observe for Energy Management can help:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Rapidly and effortlessly deploy energy-saving solutions
  • Target energy consumption and meet sustainability goals
  • Protect against energy surges and volatile costs

Obtain Positive Portfolio Performance

In a rapidly evolving market, food retailers must constantly re-evaluate and fine-tune their portfolios to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their customers and maximising their performance. Lucernex steps in as a catalyst for success, enabling retailers to:

  • Master intricate real estate and equipment lease scenarios
  • Minimise risk
  • Streamline project management
  • Attain comprehensive compliance, including FASB/IASB standards

Capitalise on the Power of IoT

Smart devices and IoT is transforming the customer experience, optimising store operations, and prolonging asset and equipment life to enhance operational excellence. Accruent's IoT solution, vx Observe, empowers food retailers to:

  • Perform predictive maintenance
  • Get real-time, enterprise-wide visibility of performance
  • Ensure commercial refrigeration compliance
  • Enhance alarm filtering