Energy Management

Energy Management Software

Optimize energy costs, manage risk, meet energy efficiency goals, and improve long-term resilience in the face of a volatile energy market with AOEM

Energy Management Software

The Benefits of Energy Management

A comprehensive energy management solution can help you resolve your most pressing energy and sustainability concerns

Meet Carbon Neutral Goals

Consolidate your energy data, gain visibility into areas of excess consumption, and know exactly what you need to do to reduce your carbon footprint, operate more sustainably, and remain compliant with carbon-related legislation.

Combat Rising Energy Costs

The energy market is becoming increasingly more volatile, with general energy prices increasing and surge prices multiplying sharply during times of peak demand. Features like a comprehensive dashboard, heatmaps, meter tracking, and customizable baselines help identify sources of excess consumption, reduce consumption in high-price moments, and avoid backslides in the future.

Monitor and Target Energy Consumption

Extreme climate events, unsustainable rises in prices, and lack of transparency into consumption are compromising organizations’ energy management and competitiveness. Use features like full meter and submeter tracking, meter grouping, baselining, and alerts to monitor, target, and verify your energy data.

Improve Overall Energy Management Strategies

Use key information like metering and consumption data to identify savings opportunities, create well-informed processes, optimize your risk and return, and find areas of improvement.

Key Capabilities of Energy Management Software

Utilize comprehensive IoT energy management data to proactively manage risks and reduce energy costs

Holistic Energy Consumption Dashboard   - Main
Holistic Energy Consumption Dashboard

Consolidate all your energy information – including data gathered via CSV and APIs – into one easy-to-understand, actionable dashboard. Create custom baselines, track data from all meters and submeters, combine data into logical groups, and learn what you need to do to optimize consumption.  

Weather Normalization - Main
Weather Normalization

Automatically normalize your baselines with hyper-local weather data and remove the effect of ambient weather conditions so you can ensure you have clean, consistent points of comparison across different periods, or from different locations with differing weather conditions.

Sophisticated Baselining - Main
Sophisticated Baselining

By allowing you to generate multiple baselines – including rolling 7-day averages, past consumption, and version-controlled, site-specific baselines – AOEM gives you the flexibility you need with your monitoring and targeting (M&T) activities.

Project Tracking - Main
Project Tracking

Want to track multiple project baselines within a single site? With AOEM’s baseline modeling capability, you have sophisticated analysis tools in the palm of your hand. Use them to edit and remove baselines with ease, as well as model different energy scenarios at the click of a button.

Actionable Alerts - Main
Actionable Alerts

Use customizable alerts and alarm filtering to protect against unseen cost increases, drive down costs, and allow for transparent decision-making.

Configurable Rules Engine - Main
Configurable Rules Engine

Utilize our configurable rules engine to define thresholds, create automatic work orders, and automate your compliance data logging for ongoing compliance.

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