IoT Remote Monitoring, Control, and Energy Management

IoT Remote Monitoring, Control, and Energy Management

Connect, monitor, predict, and control multiple equipment types to help your organisation deliver maintenance and energy efficiencies, improve air quality, maximise wellness and preserve commercial refrigeration health

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The Benefits of IoT Remote Monitoring

Real-time IoT remote monitoring, control, and energy management can transform your operations.

Optimise Energy Management - Main

Optimise Energy Management

Save energy, improve sustainability, reduce energy-related spend and effectively monitor your energy and utilities.

Optimise Energy Management - Main

Operate More Predictively

Improve first-time fix rates, maximise efficiency, reduce equipment downtime and predict & prevent asset failures 3-5 days before they happen.

Operate More Predictively - Main

Maximise Air Quality & Wellness

Improve the productivity, safety and wellness of your employees and patrons by controlling HVAC systems and maintaining air quality standards and comfort.

Maximise Air Quality & Wellness - Main

Simplify Commercial Refrigeration

Decrease waste, reduce work orders, save money and ensure that your temperatures always remain within range with remote refrigeration monitoring and alerts.

Simplify Commercial Refrigeration - Main

Connect. Monitor. Predict. Control

Advanced IoT can help you connect, monitor, predict and control your assets and facilities

Connect  - Main


Gain access to real-time remote data that will help your organisation make informed decisions, reduce subscription costs, prevent vendor lock-in and more. This is supported by key features like:  

  • A hardware-agnostic platform  
  • Comprehensive integrations and connectivity  
  • Remote diagnostics  
  • Our energy management portal  
  • Published APIs  
  • CSV upload  
Monitor - Main


Effectively monitor your site and asset performance, maintain optimal energy levels, improve air quality, prioritize workflows and proactively detect anomalies with key monitoring capabilities, including:  

  • Ingestion of alarms and telemetry  
  • Remote diagnostics  
  • Advanced alarm triage  
  • IoT sensors  
  • Anomaly detection  
  • Ingestion of energy data (from meter readings and energy provider readings)  
  • Footfall monitoring
Predict  - Main


Facilitate more proactive decision-making, maintain compliance and receive a maintenance notification 3-5 days before your asset is about to fail using vx Observe features like:  

  • Compliance tracking  
  • Our predictive rules engines  
  • Notifications of abnormal energy consumption  
Control - Main


Automatic control of your assets and facilities helps you predict and prevent failures. This is facilitated by features like:  

  • Global set point changes  
  • Remote fix  
  • Energy demand response  
  • Manual remote asset control  
  • Triggers, including a weather response trigger, air quality response trigger, sensor trigger and human interaction triggers  

What Makes Accruent vx Observe Stand Out?

Embrace innovation and automate operations with remote monitoring, control and energy management

Hardware-Agnostic Interface

Connect to any software or hardware to run remote diagnostics and seamlessly integrate your existing tools

Smart Alarms

Use intelligent alarm triage to cut through the noise, ignore “false alarms,” and seamlessly identify real issues

Site-Level Insights

Gain an overview of your operational efficiency, asset health, KPIs and overall portfolio health

Budget and Spending Insights

Save money through energy savings, optimised equipment performance and advanced analytics

Automated Operations

Use real-time sensors, asset monitoring and control, alarm filtering and automated alerts for optimised scheduling, routing and execution

Energy Management

Remotely monitor main and sub energy metering and find out when you’re using too much energy

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