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Skogen’s Festival Foods is more than just a grocery store. Headquartered in Onalaska, Wisconsin, the employee- and family-owned company prides itself on providing high quality products and offering guests an exceptional shopping experience. Festival Foods has fueled a culture of excellence, from positively impacting communities to ensuring quality products and an exceptional experience, and is a place where family, fun and food come together.


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With the Accruent solution, we see increased equipment uptime and performance. Centralized decision making and equipment control saves our associates time, reduces energy costs, and gives us the tools that we need to better manage our assets in a rapidly changing world of grocery retail.
Cody Sandahl, Energy and Material Recovery Manager


The Challenge

Skogen’s Festival Foods saw an opportunity to save money and to better manage assets with more focus and more consistency through the improved tracking of store equipment and repairs. The company also wanted to develop a refrigerant replacement strategy to improve the control and management of refrigerant costs while holding vendors fully accountable. In addition, the retailer was experiencing frustrations with its alarm monitoring program due to a high volume of superfluous calls.

  • Inconsistent tracking of store equipment and repairs
  • Limited visibility into and control over refrigerant costs
  • Missed alarms resulting in equipment failure and product loss
Accruent provides us with a convenient platform in which our asset data can be managed from one pane of glass. The consistent maintenance program across our complete portfolio frees up time for all of our in-store associates to do what they do best, which is take care of our guests.
Festival Foods


The Solution

Skogen’s Festival Foods chose Accruent’s suite of solutions for facility and asset management, refrigerant management and IoT remote alarm monitoring. The grocer first implemented vx Maintain to centrally manage the full workflow of reactive and planned activities, including work orders, warranties and invoices. It then deployed vx Sustain to manage all events for refrigeration and HVAC systems, including gas types and volumes, leak history and technician certifications. Lastly, it deployed vx Observe for remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types.

  • Full maintenance management over assets, facilities and contractors
  • Enterprise refrigerant data for internal and external audit compliance
  • Remote equipment monitoring with data from multiple channels
We’ve virtually eliminated the noise of overactive alarms. Out of 300,000 raw alarms, vx Observe determined fewer than 9,000 were valid, leading to a dramatic decrease in vendor calls while ensuring we address critical failures.
Festival Foods


The Result

By implementing Accruent, Skogen's Festival Foods was able to revamp and modernize its maintenance program, ensuring consistency across its portfolio and allowing for optimal energy consumption. The integration of vx Maintain and vs Observe means the company can link alarms with costs to make better repair and replace decisions on equipment while preventing further upstream alarms for the same condition. And the use of vx Sustain enables it to develop a refrigerant replacement strategy as the company shifts toward lower GWP refrigerants while holding vendors accountable for fixing leaks.

  • Increase equipment uptime and performance
  • Data-backed repair vs. replace decisions
  • controlled, more affordable refrigerant costs
  • Quicker, more effective response to alarms
  • Ability to track vender SLA metrics
  • Cost savings through near elimination of unnecessary vender calls