The move to hybrid work has shaken up the corporate real estate (CRE) industry.  

With the workforce in the office less often, companies no longer need a one-to-one match between employees and desks. This has caused a spike in the number of businesses implementing office hoteling models, reconfiguring spaces to better accommodate collaborative work, and conducting space utilisation analyses for right sizing their real estate portfolios.  

The success of these initiatives all depends on a basic yet fundamental tool: workspace booking technology. Desk and room booking software lets employees choose comfortable workspaces that enhance productivity, promote collaboration with coworkers, and contribute to their health and well-being.

That’s why Accruent has launched EMS Flex. This simple and elegant desk booking solution enables workspace booking in as little as one click.


Screenshot of EMS Flex, easy desk booking for hybrid work



EMS Flex Functionalities

Accruent EMS Flex is an intuitive SaaS tool for reserving workspaces with minimal user interaction that includes user preferences for improved booking recommendations. EMS Flex is easy to deploy, configure, install, and use, promotes flexible/hybrid work, and helps facilitate easier collaboration. 

This is accomplished through a range of features.

Easy desk booking based on user preference

Are employees scrambling for workspaces? EMS Flex makes it faster and easier to book desk space as needed, often with just one click. You can search by map or set up user preferences ― location, temperature, noise level, etc. — and the tool automatically suggests the optimal workspace. 

Collaboration features

Let your employees know if their team or people they regularly collaborate with are coming into the office — so they come in when it makes sense to work with others. Maps allow users to search by colleague name, and users can opt in so others can find them.

Fast deployment 

EMS Flex is a lightweight SaaS solution that can be deployed in as little as hours or days, depending on the size of your office space. It is not dependent on any existing complex configuration or legacy systems. The ease of deployment, configuration, and implementation will allow you to quickly get your workspace booking system up and running. 


Screenshot of EMS Flex showing map of reservable workspaces at the hybrid office


Intuitive user interface  

If a space booking system is clunky or difficult to use, it will be hard to ensure widespread adoption. This is why EMS Flex has a streamlined, intuitive interface that enables workspace booking in as little as one click. 

Space utilisation reporting 

Want to know which spaces are the most popular or which ones are rarely booked? See which spaces are being fully utilised, underutilised, or unused so you can make informed space requirement decisions. Space utilisation information includes a dashboard, utilisation reporting, and utilisation percentages of a floor or building. 

Learn more about EMS Flex in our webinar Unleash the Power of One-Click Desk Booking: Introducing EMS Flex.