Increasingly, more and more workers are relying primarily on their mobile devices to complete their jobs.

With the global mobile workforce expected to increase from 38.8% to 42.5% or 1.87 billion people by 2022, according to RCR Wireless, organizations are moving to the cloud; with engineering document management systems that ensure access to their data at any time, not just when employees are in the office.

Utilizing the functionality of a mobile application allows employees to overcome crunch-time scenarios in their work worlds. We've all experienced this scenario before: it's 4:00 pm and an employee is nowhere near the office, but they must add critical comments to a document before a 5:00 pm deadline to ensure that a contractor can access it in the morning. The deadline is non-negotiable and if not met, the project will be delayed.

Alternatively, an employee is at an off-site meeting all day without access to their computer. A co-worker calls for approval to changes within a document. The updated document must be shared with maintenance in order to complete three important work orders. Without access to the engineering document management functionality via their phone, they must wait until they can access their computer to approve the changes, creating a backlog of work for maintenance.

Both these scenarios are frustrating, but both can be avoided with a mobile document management system in place.

Meridian Mobile is an Accruent Engineering Document Management System dedicated to helping facilitate the process that engineering drawing and document information demand. With a solution that ensures access to internal documents at any time, organizations can expedite project delivery confidently and increase operational efficiency.

With Meridian Mobile, users can stay informed, compliant, and in control of their engineering drawing and document data while they are away from their desk. With these mobile capabilities, they can get access to view and approve asset documents from their iOS, Android, or Windows phones or tablets, users can take swift action on their workflow tasks from anywhere at any time.

Mobile access means mobile efficiency.

With Meridian Mobile, users have mobile access to:

  • A secure, user-authenticated, and rights management mobile solution.
  • “My To-Do List”- a cloud-based to-do list that ensures nothing is overlooked.
  • Review document properties.
  • Preview content with thumbnail images.
  • View available PDF renditions.
  • Action workflow items.
  • Include comments with actions.
  • Open source documents in other apps.
  • Configure Meridian to align with specific workflows and best practices.

The restraints of a non-cloud based engineering document management solution are no longer viable for an organization that is dedicated to fulfilling their project needs efficiently. Using an engineering document management mobile solution provides the flexibility an organization needs to complete an engineering project on time and on budget.

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