When organizations take the time to switch from reactive to preventive maintenance, the cost-savings is significant.

On average, businesses spend 80% of their time reacting to maintenance issues that arise rather than taking steps to prevent such issues, according to "What is predictive maintenance and how to get started?". Telecom businesses can make this jump by adding IoT remote monitoring capabilities to their maintenance workflows.

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There is critical equipment in nearly every business. If a critical asset fails, the business can lose money and customer confidence. These critical assets need to be working at all times in order for businesses to thrive and serve their customers. As is the case with most industries, reliable equipment is critical to a successful business, but especially so in telecom.

Telecom assets.

In the telecom industry there are many critical assets to maintain, from server rooms in data centers, to beacon lights on towers, to generators on tower sites. In order to prevent equipment malfunctions and poor consumer reception, these assets should be monitored:

Data centers.

As tower companies increasingly venture into data center management, they will be accountable for massive amounts of data. Telcos who own or manage data centers cannot afford for the servers to fail. To avoid failure and malfunction, sensors should be deployed that monitor the HVAC so these critical servers don’t overheat or freeze.

Tower beacon lights.

Tower companies must meet FAA regulations to ensure their beacon lights are at the right height, brightness and color. If these lights are not functioning, tower owners are held liable and can be cited or fined. With Accruent and our partners, tower companies can connect beacon lights to sensors to ensure the lights are shining correctly in any condition to avoid FAA citations and fines.


Another vital component of maintaining a telecom site is its generator. Your equipment can lose power at any time. The generator is your lifeline to ensure your site is still running, so you can serve your customers in any conditions. By adding remote monitoring capabilities to your generators, you can take action before they fail, so that your sites remain live, even in a natural disaster or other power failure situation.

If at any point these pieces of equipment lose functionality, they can shut down an operating tower site.

Shutdowns are expensive and time-consuming events. Reacting to maintenance issues ultimately leaves you with a never-ending backlog of projects. Getting ahead of equipment failure with proactive remote monitoring can save your organization time and money. In addition, you can increase customer satisfaction drastically because they are not left wondering whether their operations will be impacted by equipment failure.

Use the experts.

Accruent knows the importance of these crucial pieces of equipment. More importantly, we understand that a proper maintenance plan to support this equipment doesn’t add costs into your business or disrupt your existing workflows. Our solution offers significant savings by helping our customers move from a reactive maintenance plan into a preventive plan through predictive equipment analytics.

With predictive equipment analytics, tower operators can identify potential device malfunctions before they occur. This visibility ensures compliance, reduces manual errors, improves staff efficiency and supports overall equipment maintenance. Accruent provides a solution to move customers away from reactive maintenance, enabling them with the tools needed to implement a preventive maintenance plan.

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