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IoT enabled remote monitoring combines energy data from bills or meters, site attributes, and maintenance history so you can reduce both consumption and overall spend.

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Actively Track Energy Spend Across Your Enterprise

In order to have a successful energy management program – organizations need a solution that covers more than just your utility bills. Companies need to ensure they are utilizing energy and resources responsibly and saving money to ease stress on their bottom line.

vx Observe gathers energy-related information into a single platform to help users make informed decisions. vx Observe energy uses an automated system that integrates utility bills, energy bills and meter data to show equipment performance anomalies, ensure correct pricing, and help users gain key visibility to fix problems before the bill comes.

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

There are many ways your company can slash its energy costs, but we recommend you start with the basics—refining your energy procurement practices.

First, try understanding your company’s current energy use and calculate its current cost impacts. For example, invoices received should be used to determine a total usage of energy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Data captured from these invoices can be used to show your organization's energy patterns and consumption to assist you in making better decisions.


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