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Partnership allows for widespread implementation of energy management solutions throughout the UK 

 Accruent, the leading provider of solutions to unify the built environment, today announced that it is partnering with Utility Bridge — a UK-based energy management and carbon reduction SaaS platform — to deliver user-friendly solutions that resolve a range of cost and ESG-related business challenges throughout the region. In joining forces, Accruent and Utility Bridge will provide more energy management services for a wider array of companies, helping to lower costs, strengthen sustainability efforts, and maximise energy resilience.  

By joining forces with Utility Bridge, Accruent has chosen a UK partner that is highly proficient in making energy management and carbon reduction easy to manage for businesses of all sizes. This will ultimately help resolve the growing confusion among UK businesses surrounding energy consumption and how to optimise energy management to improve cost-effectiveness, compliance, and carbon neutrality.  

Utility Bridge Logo

“Accruent actively looks for exceptional partners to expand our European footprint, and we’re excited to have Utility Bridge partner to help us further expand our presence in the UK. We’re looking forward to working together to deliver tremendous efficiencies and cost savings to their clients,” said Elliott Welsch, VP Global Channels Alliances, and OEMs, Accruent. 

This is coming at an important time. In recent months, it has become clear that outmoded and disjointed processes – as well as lack of energy awareness – in energy-intensive industries have impaired energy awareness for businesses, leading to widespread consequences like inaccurate billing, poor data, and not meeting required legislation.  

Utility Bridge enables businesses to resolve many of these concerns by providing: 

  • Data that is readily available from the meter without the need for expensive additional hardware 
  • Comprehensive reports that can reveal bill discrepancies, which is extremely important given that an average of 20-30% of utility bills in the UK are incorrect  
  • KVA and Power Factor data that can reveal how energy is being delivered inappropriately 
  • A clear context for asset management and how mission-critical assets are consuming energy  
  • Staff energy usage habits that can help decrease wasted energy  

”Utility Bridge is thrilled to enter a partnership with Accruent to provide a wider portfolio of flexible solutions delivering improved effectiveness,” said Darren Jones, Founder. “Our joint activity to reach a broader blend of businesses, stimulates more awareness and proactiveness with energy-related issues.” 

About Accruent | accruentllc - Accruent is the world’s leading provider of solutions for unifying the built environment — spanning real estate, physical and digital assets, and the integrated technology systems that connect and control them. Accruent continues to set new expectations for how organisations can use data to transform how they manage their facilities and assets. With U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas, and European headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Accruent serves over 10,000 customers in a wide range of industries in more than 150 countries worldwide.  

About Utility Bridge Utility Bridge UK - With constant innovation, Utility Bridge provides an easy-to-understand B2B SaaS platform in the UK for energy management and carbon reduction. Utility Bridge clients are more cost effective, eco-friendly, legislation compliant, and productive. Utility Bridge doesn’t need additional expensive hardware, instead, Utility Bridge uses readily available meter data to create useful detailed reports that can be used pragmatically and quickly to meet goals.