The cloud isn’t the future — businesses are embracing its power and scalability right now. But before we get into what this means for you, let’s make clear what we’re talking about.

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital operations into the cloud. It refers to transferring from on-premises (on prem) data centers or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Think of it like a physical move, except it involves moving digital assets from one data center to another instead of packing up your stuff and moving it to the new, physical place.



Rapid shift to the cloud 

It’s a shift that is happening in every sector and it’s moving pretty fast, as recent data from two of the world’s most respected analysts show:

  1. The average company will spend $8 out of $10 of its IT hosting budget on the cloud by 2024, according to McKinsey.
  2. Gartner predicts that enterprises’ $1.3 trillion IT spend on on-premise to cloud migration in 2022 will likely increase to $1.8 trillion in 2025

However, beginning an on prem to cloud migration is a difficult decision. We know many of our established EMS customers have spent decades investing in physical infrastructure and have concerns over issues like legacy, security, cost and many other issues.

To help, we’ve looked at the key concerns many customers cite when it comes to cloud migration, as well as a summary of the most significant benefits of migrating EMS to the cloud.

Addressing your key concerns 

We speak to our customers about this… a lot. And, whether they’ve already decided to move to the cloud or are still weighing up the pros and cons, there are five things they really care about:

  1. Security - Understandably, our customers want to know that their information is protected. The fact that EMS has single sign-on capabilities means that no information is shared, passwords are secure and there is always a trail where data and access is concerned
  2. Hosting - Because EMS can be hosted in the cloud, customers don't need any infrastructure at their location. This means there’s no need to maintain expensive on-prem hardware or pay power and maintenance costs to keep them operating. You only pay for the resources you use
  3. Upgrades - EMS comes with a lot of modules that customers can pick and choose to suit. That’s the beauty of the product. But it also means upgrading on prem can be challenging, especially if timings vary. But hosting in the cloud makes upgrading the right module, at the right seamless, simple and straightforward
  4. Latest enhancements - Alongside the upgrades, customers hosting EMS in the cloud are not only getting the latest bug fixes and releases, but they're doing so before anybody else. On top of this, if a customer expresses a need for a feature that we know is coming on the roadmap, we make sure they get it as soon as possible - something we can’t do with on prem hosted system
  5. EMS - Finally, we hear a lot of concerns about disruption. This is particularly acute with EMS which is used for a lot of core, day-to-day business functions but migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean a drop-off in service. Our team can help you migrate to the cloud with minimal disruption or downtime.

Benefits to you 

There are countless benefits of moving your EMS software into the cloud. Above all else, we do the lifting and shifting and take the weight of the move, allowing our customers to sit back and enjoy the benefits like:

  1. Rapid ROI - Moving to the cloud can return around $40k to $60k in the first year alone. We know from years of experience but don't just take our word for it. We developed an ROI calculator suitable for any industry that will give you a clear idea of how much you can save by moving EMS into the cloud - try it yourself here
  2. Improved performance - We load balance the traffic where required making it much easier and faster to serve a global audience when compared to keeping data tied to a single physical location
  3. Scalability and Flexibility - Spinning up additional cloud resources is much easier, faster, and more cost-effective than building additional physical servers. Cloud servers can be added or decommissioned on the fly based on natural traffic demands, so you’re only operating with exactly what you need at all times
  4. Free Upgrades - If you take the decision to migrate to the cloud, the onus is on us to upgrade you to the latest version. We’ll do this for free. So, if your EMS is behind on its versions now is the perfect time to consider a move to cloud hosting.

Getting started 

Adopting EMS for the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. The benefits of reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and lower per-unit cost are simply too alluring to ignore and we’re here to help. Our expert team is on hand to help guide you through the migration process so, what are you waiting for?

Contact us here or, if you are considering adopting EMS, you can watch a demo to see what it’s all about.