Further Simplifying Product Procurement for Public Sector Customers

Accruent’s solutions are purpose-built to maximise the performance of every aspect of the built environment for both public and private organization. Our software helps streamline day-to-day operations so our customers can focus on driving their business forward.

Accruent Solutions Available on UK Government’s G-Cloud 12

To ensure our products are available to all organizations, we have made our best-in-class solutions available on the United Kingdom Government Digital Marketplace.

Cloud Software has risen from £67m to £263m throughout the whole of 2019. This initiative shows no sign of slowing as the need for reliable, dependable cloud solutions is increasing. We’re proud to offer our most compelling cloud solutions on the G-Cloud framework.

This marketplace was developed as part of the UK Government’s “cloud first” initiative, initially launched in 2013 to enable the efficient purchasing of cloud computing technology services. As part of this effort, a framework of standardised agreements with suppliers was developed, from which UK public sector organisations can buy products and services without the burden of undergoing a comprehensive procurement process.

The online store, Digital Marketplace (previously “CloudStore”), allows public sector purchasers to search for services easily that are offered through G-Cloud. And just recently, the UK Government has upgraded to their new G-Cloud 12 framework, the 12th iteration of the platform.

Currently, over 38,000 public sector buyers have been mandated to buy through this framework. To ensure access to Accruent solutions is widely available for these buyers, the following products have been made available in the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace:

Facilities & Asset Maintenance Management

Accruent’s vx Maintain manages the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventative maintenance, from work order creation and dispatch to invoicing, approval and financial system integration. It provides unparalleled, enterprise-wide visibility and control over assets, facilities and contractors, including managing compliance and related documentation.

Visit vx Maintain on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

Remote Monitoring & Control

Accruent’s vx Observe provides remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types, delivering maintenance and energy efficiencies. Configurable workflows trigger automated work orders, bureau and site interaction, and supporting tools enable drill-down analysis and energy data capture/analysis in conjunction with wider facility, equipment and environmental data.

Additionally, the advanced business rules engine provides:

  • Real-time alerting
  • Alarm management/triage for optimised reactive maintenance
  • Analytics to predict issues and trigger proactive response
  • Control actions functionality to initiate remote setpoint and schedule changes

Visit vx Observe on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

Mobile Workforce Management

Accruent’s vx Field provides end-to-end service delivery functionality to optimise scheduling, dispatch and performance of simple and complex jobs. This solution delivers intelligent work allocation, resource scheduling, performance management and integrated parts and inventory management.

Visit vx Field on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

Capital, Space, Environment, Lease & Project Management

Accruent provides a range of software products and services covering the breadth of real estate and facilities management including software for: assessing capital needs and prioritising spend; space management and related analytics; monitoring and reporting environmental/carbon emissions; lease administration and accounting; plus comprehensive project & programme management tools.

These Accruent products include:

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