Meridian Cloud Business: Engineering Document Management in the Cloud

Take control of your asset-related engineering information while lowering your IT burden by combining all the benefits of an engineering document management system with the power of the Cloud.

Meridian Cloud Business dashboard; engineering document management

What Sets Meridian Cloud Business Apart?

Concurrent Engineering

Meridian Cloud Business offers concurrent engineering so your teams can update documents in multiple projects simultaneously. Track parallel changes and visually compare documents to ensure document accuracy across the enterprise.  

Frictionless Feedback

Meridian Cloud Business empowers maintenance and operations teams to easily and visually communicate issues or changes back to engineering. Using the Meridian Explorer web application, technicians can annotate, redline, and include comments to PDF document renditions and automatically send them back to engineering for a frictionless feedback loop.  

Handover Management

Keeping process functions and assets up to date in an as-built environment while changing the engineering data in a project environment is a huge data handover challenge. With Meridian Cloud Business, you can streamline handover procedures with its seamless integration into your CMMS. Now operations and maintenance teams are automatically notified when a new or updated master document is available. They’re always informed and feel confident knowing they have the correct information.  

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