Controlling document exchange throughout the asset lifecycle.

The Company

Huntsman Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Its chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a wide range of industries, including chemicals, plastics, aviation, paints and coatings, and agriculture. With revenues of over $8 billion, Huntsman operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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We have reduced our information management expenditure by five percent.”
Edward Van Den Boogaard, Group Leader, Document Management


The Challenge

To safeguard and improve control of infrastructure documents and process-related information, Huntsman decided to implement a comprehensive engineering information management solution. This system had to manage both digital information and existing, archived documents.

Huntsman formed a special project team and determined the company needed a system that could:

  • Offer ease-of-use
  • Manage all engineering drawings and related information
  • Support information exchange procedures with external contractors


The Solution

With the Meridian solution and integration with SAP PM, the company’s asset-related technical information is readily available to maintenance engineers, contractors, and CAD designers. Meridian automatically keeps track of digital files that are checked in and checked out of its secure vault, ensuring that no document is lost or damaged. After making remarks or redlines to documents, change projects can be initiated and data exchanged with contractors according to clear procedures.

“Through the time and resources saved in search and retrieval and document processing, we are enjoying a new operational efficiency and very low mitigation costs.”


    The Result

    Meridian allows Huntsman’s engineering information to be created, stored, and managed during the different stages in the asset lifecycle. Today, hundreds of engineers at multiple locations work with Meridian daily. This has resulted in rapid response times in finding, accessing and changing drawings in instances when plant modifications are needed. The solution also helps Huntsman to manage, monitor, and control document exchange between the plant’s engineers and outside contractors, which reduces errors and facilitates faster changes.

    • Quick and easy access to all key engineering information
    • Reduced information management expenditure by 5%
    • Increased accuracy of engineering information
    • Complete audit trail for document tracking and revision control
    • Immediate information availability for Regulatory, Health & Safety, and Maintenance Departments